New Tsumeb Update 02 October 2020

2 October 2020

This week has been all about Tsumeb, that wonderful mine in Namibia which produced a seemingly endless supply of fabulous mineral specimens for just over 100 years. Sadly, the mine is now closed and flooded, but old collections which now come back on the market provide many a choice new addition for the present-day collector. The Tsumeb mine produced metals such as lead, zinc, copper, and sliver, but also many more exotic and rare metals such as gallium, germanium, cadmium, and vanadium. Together with a carbonate host-rock geology and other metals such as arsenic, this rich cocktail formed the basic ingredients for one of the world’s most famous mineral localities.

We will begin our connoisseur’s choice today with a sublime Azurite, the best miniature Azurite I have ever seen. Upwards of nine large and perfectly terminated transparent, gemmy Azurite crystals stand near-vertically on a carbonate matrix. When back-lit, every crystal emits a breathtakingly stunning electric neon-blue light.

Next, we have creamy-tan Dolomite encrusted with glassy lustrous Dioptase crystals up to 1 cm across. Their colour is that of deep and rich emerald-green; the outer zones being transparent with inner translucent centres. One of the more unusual specimens is a splendid Wulfenite, whose crystals are completely coated with a thin veneer of mammillary Goethite, imparting a colour which grades from light milk-chocolate-brown to dark-chocolate. Dusted over this specimen are glassy Smithsonite crystals and earthy, dull green Mottramite.

Finally, a superb miniature Anglesite, one of those specimens which just makes you smile in quiet appreciation of something rather special.

Other specimens include a rare Dolomite pseudomorph after Azurite, a fabulous Malachite, and a rather special, wonderfully crystallised lemon Mimetite.

If you know Tsumeb well, you will spot some real beauties and if this locality is new to you, it will become quickly evident why it is so much loved by collectors the world over. Enjoy.

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

Tuesday 6th October and Friday 9th October - Calcite


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