New Green Update 13 October 2020

13 October 2020


We have chosen green minerals as our theme for this week, and seeing them set out before me, they make for a wonderfully varied and colourful selection. Despite being of a single colour, the variation in shades is immense, ranging from zingy bright lime green, through apple and emerald to sage and mustard-green. A divergent selection of Fluorite accounts for probably half of today’s choices from localities all around the world, with the remaining half made-up of many famously green-species!

Let us begin our overview with a splendid arborescent Native Copper from the Broken Hill mines in New South Wales. Two branches of Native Copper form a ‘T’-shaped composition of crude yet well-formed copper crystals mixed with granular Quartz and largely coated with blueish-green micro-crystalline Malachite, hence making this green!

From the Huangshaping mine in Guiyang County, China we offer a stunning cubic Fluorite crystal measuring to 4.3 cm with bright lime-green edges, a gemmy light apple-green interior and a whitish phantom core.

Our last apéritif is a translucent-gemmy apple-green to almost colourless Grossular Garnet from Veracruz in Mexico. Just gorgeous.

Others amongst today’s greens include lustrous gemmy deep acidic lime-green crystals of Vesuvianite from the Ala Valley in Piedmont, Italy; a charming Pyromorphite from its type locality of Zschopau in Saxony, Germany; the rare copper oxychloride Botallackite from an intertidal pocket at Cligga Head on the north Cornish coast in England, and a set of four loose crystals of Malachite coating Cuprite from Chessy-les-Mines in France. Two twelve-sided (dodecahedral) and two eight-sided (octahedral) crystals are included, and all four specimens show markedly different habits of Cuprite.

To keep you on your toes we even have a Siderite from St. Pierre de Message in France which half the team here think is green, and half don’t. I think it’s biscuit tan but can kid myself it’s green if I squint! Take a look and see what you think.

Whatever, do enjoy today’s verdant selection and, as always, we hope you may be tempted to add the odd one or two to your collection.


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