Lady Annabella Mine, Weardale, England

13 October 2020

UK Mining Ventures is delighted to announce our new mining and specimen recovery operation in Weardale, County Durham.

Named the Lady Annabella Mine, our surface exploration project began in July 2020 in the only remaining highly mineralised bench of the old Eastgate Quarry. Previously known to collectors as the Blue Circle Cement Quarry, beautiful Fluorite specimens have been produced ever since the quarry commenced operation in the 1960s, but our operations have opened up potential new mineralised areas.

Together with Rogerley, Diana Maria and Heights mines, Eastgate was well known for its emerald green Fluorite specimens, together with numerous colour variants such as yellow, yellow-violet, lilac, rose-pink and a wealth of colour zone combinations.

The new operation is proudly named for Annabella Bruce, Ian and Diana’s new daughter, born in June 2020. Specimen recovery is concentrated in a localised area of the former Eastgate quarry where anastomosing (branching and reconnecting) veins have created a complex patchwork of metasomatic flats, richly lined with crystallised Fluorite and occasionally associated with Calcite and Galena.

Throughout this summer, near-surface mining has uncovered an amazingly diverse range of specimen-grade Fluorite in pockets and veins which entirely change their characteristics across distances of less than a metre.

The specimens being produced are many and varied in colour and mineral association. To date, named pockets include, Layer Cake, Fairy Holes, Poison Ivy, Sherry Twins, Helen’s and Toxic Apple, names evocative of the wonderful Fluorite treasures they contain.

The Fluorite specimens include acidic apple greens with buttermilk centres; gemmy deep lemons zoned vibrant lilac and lavender; mauve-pinks and reddish-lilacs; smoky apple cubes framed with snow white Calcite and gemmy golden yellow interpenetrant twins framed with purple and sky-blue banding.

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