New Lady Annabella Mine Fluorite Update 20 October 2020

19 October 2020

Following last week’s UK Mining Ventures (UKMV) press release announcing the new Lady Annabella mine at Eastgate in Weardale, County Durham, England, we offer Crystal Classics first consignment of specimens from this exciting project.

Begun in the 1960s, the Blue Circle Cement Quarry quickly became a collector’s favourite as a new Weardale locality, not only as another source of excellent emerald green Fluorite, but for its numerous colour variants and wonderful colour zoning. The quarry later became known simply as Eastgate Quarry and over the intervening years, a steady trickle of beautiful aesthetic specimens has come to the market and eagerly snapped-up.

UKMV, a sister company to Crystal Classics, began specimen recovery operations in July this year and work has progressed non-stop throughout the summer and current autumn months.

This operation is concentrated in a section of Eastgate Quarry which was known to still contain specimen grade material, and has been named the Lady Annabella mine, in proud recognition of the arrival of Ian and Diana’s new daughter, Annabella Bruce, born only the previous month to project start-up. In this relatively short period, many wonderfully mineralised pockets have been discovered and this week’s selection is a choice selection from these.

To initially showcase the sheer variety of Fluorite, let’s look at three very different pockets. Fairy Holes Pocket hosts nickel sea-green Fluorite, typically gemmy and zoned green with inner purple banding, often in association with cuboctahedral Galena.

It will come as no revelation that the Sherry Twins Pocket produces ice-clear sherry coloured interpenetrant twins, but often grading to a reddish-mauve, a colour reminiscent of classic Boltsburn Fluorite.

Our third highlight features a range of specimens from the Poison Ivy Pocket that are proving immensely popular with collectors. These Fluorites are acidic ivy-green with frosted, cloudy peppermint green face-centres and gemmy edges and corners, the latter fluorescing vivid lilac-blue in daylight.

Today’s selection also features a lovely crystallised Galena dusted with equant double terminated Quartz crystals from the Layer Cake Pocket; glassy straw-yellow Fluorites from The Bull Vein and a beautifully gemmy and delicately green coloured bed of Fluorite crystals from Helen’s Pocket.

We feel sure you’ll love our Lady Annabella mine selection, a remarkable new chapter in the history of Weardale mineralogy.


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This year, the Crystal Classics Winter Open Day will be slightly different.

In order to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, we will be running our Winter Open Day on both SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21 and SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22.

For each day we will be offering the following slots:

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We also ask, should you show any COVID-19 symptoms up to 14 days before your allocated slot, that you please cancel your plans for attending and contact us to withdraw your place. Additionally, in order to correspond with the government’s Track and Trace system, we will require you to provide us with your full name, address and telephone number in advance.

Despite these guidelines, we have a fantastic day planned for you and will be showcasing some stunning fine minerals from new collections we have recently purchased as well as several new finds from our brand new Lady Annabella Mine in Weardale, County Durham.

It’s first come, first serve, so please contact Debbie by email at or by phone 01935 862 673 with the following details (deadline for applications is Friday, November 13):

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