New Lady Annabella Mine Fluorite Update 23 October 2020

23 October 2020


The new Lady Annabella mine, situated within the famous Eastgate quarry in Weardale, commenced specimen recovery operations in July this year and, having removed much overburden, a whole treasure trove is emerging. Richly mineralised pockets, termed ‘flats’, are structurally controlled by the joint system within the Great Limestone, especially the more horizontal bedding planes.

Working non-stop throughout the summer and autumn, many superb pockets have been discovered together with a mineralised vein. All have their own individual characteristics of colour, morphology, mineral associations and singular aesthetics. Today’s selection of 22 specimens represents most of the Fluorite colours and habits so far encountered.

So, let’s begin our sneak preview with a magnificent chrome sea-green interpenetrant twin from Fairy Holes Pocket. Nestled in a geode-like druse of small Fluorite crystals, the twin measuring 2.8 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm, is strongly colour zoned and in daylight, the inner cores fluoresce vivid lilac-blue while the outer green surfaces and rims remain green.

The Bull Vein produces Fluorite mainly in shades of yellow, sherry-lemon and ginger. This specimen is covered with gemmy lemon-yellow Fluorite crystals of 2 to 3 cm with the larger single crystals exhibiting beautiful delicate lavender colour-zoning at their edges.

Another Bull Vein specimen of smoky lavender Fluorite is a rather unusual colour for this vein. Intergrown single cubic crystals to 2.6 cm form an attractive cluster, with ice-white frosted centres and broad gemmy outer faces of smoky grey Fluorite, tinged pale lavender.

The Poison Ivy Pocket is becoming a firm favourite amongst collectors and this specimen is fantastic! Cubic crystals to 2.8 cm are a mix of creamy peppermint-green and acidic ivy green, the latter being mainly gemmy. The gemmy zones form most of the cubes and the paler, sucrosic creamy zones are dispersed in moss-like clusters throughout the gemmy continuous phase. The gemmy zones fluoresce lilac-blue deep into their cores. Enough said?

Look out for an amazing combination of lemon Fluorite crystals, crystallised Galena and gemmy, diamond-like Quartz crystals from the Layer Cake Pocket; a Poison Ivy Fluorite dominated by mossy structures of creamy-peppermint sugar in a pool of deep gemmy intense apple-green. And finally, yet another Poison Ivy Fluorite of mind-blowing beauty; Fluorite crystals akin to peering into an undersea world. Cubic Fluorite crystals of gemmy acidic ivy-green contain mossy coral-like branching clusters and feathery-plumes of creamy leaf-green and pale peppermint Fluorite, and in daylight, the gemmy zones fluoresce bright lilac-blue.

These Fluorites are like nothing ever encountered before in Weardale, so enjoy and perhaps you will find that “must have” new addition for your collection!

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

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