New Ian's Picks Update 17 November 2020

17 November 2020

This week’s selection has been determined by Mister Crystal Classics himself, Ian Bruce, and as one would expect, it is a selection of extremely choice and beautifully aesthetic specimens. As our regular customers know, we release specimen updates on Tuesday and Friday each week linked by a common theme. Hence this week’s theme is entitled Ian’s Picks, so enabling unlimited scope. Ian’s Pick for today is that of Tourmaline, predominantly Brazilian Tourmaline, so I guess our subtitle should be Tourmaline Tuesday. There are some wonderful specimens which serve to highlight the magnificent diversity in the colours this remarkable mineral can adopt, and especially in just one single crystal.

Let’s begin our showcase with a classic Elbaite Tourmaline form the world famous and much-loved Pederneira mine at São José da Safira in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Two divergent terminated Elbaite crystals form a V-shaped specimen of exceptional form and aesthetic, piercing a small, very slightly smoky Quartz crystal. Both are of a uniform chrome-leaf green and are surrounded by several smaller Elbaites.

Also, from Minas Gerais, but this time Barra de Salinas, two parallel Elbaite crystals of identical height emerge from an Albite matrix, almost entirely covered with crystallised pale lavender Lepidolite mica. The Elbaites begin pale lavender-blue, then merge into translucent light candy-pink for their remaining length, only to abruptly change to what can only be described as jet-black terminations, 1 mm deep. This is a stunning miniature.

And from this same region in Brazil, a fabulous specimen with a massive wow factor! A broad, skyscraper-like tower of bluish-green Elbaite emerges vertically from a horizontal matrix of sub-parallel, snow-white Cleavelandite crystals, the bladed variety of Albite Feldspar. Just for good measure, the Cleavelandite is strewn with occasional lavender Lepidolite mica crystals and small Elbaite prisms. The Elbaite crystals are translucent deep spring leaf-green tending to a metallic-green, one of which terminates in a delightful cornflower-teal blue. Enough said!

Other specimens include a magnificent black-capped pink Elbaite with milky Quartz, having the appearance of a scaled down museum specimen. A final mention must be given to a Tourmaline that gives you a warm inner glow much like the crystal itself. This specimen contains a mix of unusual colours which combine to give a mottled spectrum throughout the crystal that is quite spectacular and bewitching.

So please take your time to look through just what Ian has picked and hopefully you will agree that it is a sensational selection. You might just find the very Tourmaline you have been searching for. Enjoy!


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Due to the recent announcement of a second national lockdown, the Crystal Classics 2020 Winter Open Day has been postponed to a later date.

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