New Weardale Fluorite Update 04 December 2020

4 December 2020

Building up to next week’s British update in association with our Winter Open Weekend (12th and 13th December), we have chosen Weardale Fluorite for this week’s updates. With seasonal gifts in mind, we showcased some of the beautiful green Fluorite jewellery from the Diana Maria mine on Tuesday, which proved extremely popular, and today we return to specimens. Our Friday selection is a wide range of yellow Fluorite from the new Lady Annabella mine which began specimen recovery operations in July 2020 within the former Eastgate Quarry, previously known as Blue Circle Cement Quarry.

Fluorite from this quarry has become famous amongst collectors for its wide range of colours, colour variations and zonation. In just its first five months of operation, the Lady Annabella mine has produced a magnificent range of Fluorite specimens, many of which are colour variants and mixtures never seen at this locality. Our selection today concentrates on yellow Fluorite, all from The Bull Vein, this being the primary source of mineralisation in this part of the quarry. This vein is complex and where highly characteristic Fluorite has been found in localised areas along its length, these have been given pocket names, Sherry Twins and Harvest for example.

To offer a flavour of today’s choices, let’s begin with a beautiful 2.2 cm elongated cubic Fluorite crystal from The Bull Vein. This and its much smaller interpenetrant twin, are gemmy and nestle on a bed of darker pale-yellow rimmed smoky-grey Fluorite. The twin is lemon-yellow, although it picks-up darker accents from the surrounding crystals and matrix to produce a complex shift of smoky-yellows as the specimen is rotated.

From the Sherry Twins pocket, we have a spectacular cabinet specimen with a single elongated Fluorite crystal measuring 4.8 x 3.5 x 2.7 cm, embedded at 45 degrees in a curved bed of translucent cloudy lilac and white Fluorite crystals. The large crystal is a rich caramel-sherry with broad lavender zoned-bands around its edges. These naturally fluoresce a brighter mauve-lavender in direct daylight.

Then for something quite different, from the Harvest Pocket, translucent straw-yellow cubic Fluorite crystals to 2 cm are partly-overgrowth with drusy cream Calcite. Perched on top is an up-turned spray of opaque, off-cream and tan Calcite crystals, forming a “duck’s foot” array of splayed crystals to 8 cm long.

Among the other Fluorites offered today are many which display superb colour zoning in combination with the yellow crystals. Zoned crystals can contain bands in shades of purple, mauve, lilac and lavender as well as sea-green, blue and golden yellow. The selection is tremendous and we feel sure there are many variants that will contribute something completely new to your collection.

We will be taking a break next Tuesday and Friday while preparing for our Bumper British Update, going live at 10 am on Saturday morning, 12th December, to coincide with doors opening for the Crystal Classics Winter Open Weekend here in East Coker. Due to various changes in Covid-19 regulations, a few places have now become available should you wish to attend. If so, please contact to make arranges and check on available time slots.


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