New British Update 12 December 2020

11 December 2020

As 2020 draws towards its end, amongst all the trials and tribulations of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, it is with great pleasure Crystal Classics can announce the opening of our Winter Open Weekend.

Keeping with tradition, this week’s update comes as a Bumper Package released to coincide with the showroom doors opening at 10 am on Saturday morning. This year we will be welcoming a limited number of visitors throughout pre-arranged time slots to comply with social distancing measures and general good practice. For all of you who are unable to attend, we don’t want anyone to feel left out and so here present our virtual showcase of 41 British specimens. Despite the relatively small size of the British Isles, the diversity of its geology and mineralogy is astounding, making it a rich picking ground for mineral collectors the world over. Amongst our selection are specimens dating back from old historic collections to those only mined during the last few months. Although spoilt for choice, the team have selected four specimens to illustrate the diversity and quality on offer this weekend.

Beginning in Yorkshire at Wet Grooves mine in Wensleydale, we have a wonderful plate of buttermilk-cream Baryte forming spear-shaped translucent crystals, each capped with a colourless, near-gemmy tip.

Moving north into County Durham, the Diana Maria mine continues to produce fabulous new Fluorite specimens and the Bypass Pocket is one of its newest discoveries. The larger specimen in today’s update is of museum quality, crowned by two superb deep grassy-emerald-green interpenetrant twinned Fluorite crystals, the larger of the two measuring up to 2.5 cm on edge. Both the single and twinned crystals on this specimen are mainly gemmy and the twins fluoresce deep blackberry-purple in daylight, contrasting beautifully against the surrounding nickel-emerald-green single crystals.

Moving westwards over into Cumbria, a delightful mamillary mound of Kidney Ore, the botryoidal habit of Hematite. The Hematite forms an excellent hemispherical dome 4 cm in diameter, of dark, reddish chocolate brown with a bright metallic lustre. Turn it over and its flat base reveals the concentric growth of nested shell-like layers, each with an outward radial fibrous crystalline structure.

Then last, but certainly not least, we feel obliged to visit Cornwall and tell you about our magnificent and classic Chalcedony from Trevascus mine in Gwinear. Chalcedony from this mine is world famous, and this is a remarkable specimen of ‘wax melt’ habit in shades of white-creamy-tan. The specimen is robust yet has the most delicate appearance with sub-parallel flowing stalactitic jackstraw strings and thin sheets forming sinuous fungus and coral-like structures.

Other great specimens include scalenohedral Calcites from Wanlockhead and a Harmotome from Strontian in the North West Highlands of Scotland, originating from the Archduke Stephan collection and complete with a large and fully intact historic label. Adding colour to our selection is a pistachio, olive-green and bright lemon-yellow Pyromorphite from Barstow’s Trench at Roughton Gill in the Caldbeck Fells. Then, how about a fabulous cluster of gemmy lemon Fluorite crystals dusted with lustrous whitish Quartz from the mouth-wateringly named Lemon Meringue Pocket in the new Lady Annabella mine at Eastgate in Weardale, County Durham.

These are but a taster from our Bumper Winter Weekend selection. We hope you feel tempted to enjoy some time reading through our list and looking at all the accompanying great photos. Along with our visitors to East Coker this weekend, we hope you too can find that just-right specimen to brighten these dark December days.

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

Tuesday 15th December and Friday 18th December - Christmas


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