New Christmas Update 15 December 2020

15 December 2020

Another year is almost gone and suddenly Christmas is nearly upon us. Here in the UK the shortest day of the year is less than a week away and winter is upon us with twilight arriving mid-afternoon giving way to the twinkle of fairy lights bejewelling houses and gardens all around the village here. With this in mind we have made our Christmas selection of festive colours; snow and frosty whites; fir tree and holly greens; berry reds and touches of tinsel silver. It is a no-holds-barred tour of the world, unrestricted by species or location.

Today’s showcase begins with a great Cinnabar with Quartz from Nikitovka Mercury Deposit in the Ukraine, hosted in thick sequences of sandstones and coal. The Cinnabar forms dark blood-red interpenetrant trigonal crystals and granular masses with milky-white terminated Quartz crystals, all with a bright glassy lustre.

Heading south into Africa, we arrive at the Mashamba West mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This specimen of deep emerald-green primary Malachite is quite exquisite as it forms an almost perfect ball of curved triangular crystals which overlap and spiral around its spherical surface. The crystal geometry gives a rose-like appearance of a bud unfurling to just reveal the folded petals.

Then to Cavnic mine in Romania, a showy cluster of translucent milky Quartz crystals, almost entirely masking a plate intermixed lead-grey crystallised Galena and golden-brassy Tetrahedrite. The Quartz prism faces are completely encrusted with micro semi-opaque white Quartz crystals with a fine sucrosic, frosted texture whereas the hexagonal pyramidal terminations are smooth with a bright glassy lustre.

Other gorgeous specimens include a star-like array of translucent scalenohedral Calcite crystals of light banana-tan to 5.8 cm tall from Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a star fit to adorn the very best of Christmas trees! Look out for a delightful dark emerald-green Malachite forming two continuous crystallised strings draped over ruby-red Cobaltoan Dolomite and a stunning bright lemon-yellow cadmium-rich variety of Willemite from Tsumeb, mixed with snow-white Calcite crystals and looking like a delicious lemon meringue pie.

So, take some time and begin chilling-out for Christmas with this pre-Christmas Selection Box of Delights. We hope you come across a choice morsel or two to add some much-needed Christmas cheer!


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