New Christmas Update 18 December 2020

18 December 2020

Just one week from now and Christmas Day will be upon us. This same time last year when 2020 appeared to loom as simply the close of the decade, no one could have ever imagined what a year it was destined to be. But despite all our various states of lockdown around the world, the whole team here at Crystal Classics are looking forward to the seasonal festivities and together, we wish all our customers and followers a Peaceful and Joyous Christmas wherever you are. The New Year will herald fresh optimism for better prospects and a gradual return to the normal life we so readily took for granted, but now appreciate just how fortunate we used to be.

In anticipation of the Christmas and New Year break, today we offer our final mineral update of 2020, a cornucopia of Christmas colours to lift your spirits and get you in the Festive mood! We must admit this final selection of the year was taken out of our hands by a temporary member of staff, a certain mischievous Elf named Frank. Frank visits Crystal Classics every December, being our resident Elf on the Shelf, busily scouting our customer’s mineralogical Santa wish lists. Frank has chosen festive colours, including a cranberry Spinal; Zincite and Bustamite the colour of winter berries, and an abundance of tinsel greens, silvers and golds. Being the naughty Elf Frank is, he has also thrown is a few cheeky non-festive items, but nonetheless they are delightful specimens, guaranteed to get your bells a-jingle-jangling all the way!

Beginning on a very Christmassy note, we have a gorgeous cranberry octahedral Spinel crystal, formed of compound crystals with a rounded, jelly-like framboidal habit, analogous to the structure of a raspberry.

Adding some glitter to the proceedings is a beautiful specimen of very well-formed wire-like crystals of buttery-yellow Native Gold, in spiky arborescent branches to 2.7 cm and making an overall dendritic V-like formation from Venezuela.

Lighting-up the Christmas tree are rich acidic-yellow gemmy-translucent bladed crystals of Anglesite. These are set on a granular Galena matrix with areas of metallic indigo blue Covellite, a fine specimen indeed from Touissit in Morocco.

Our last highlight is a magnificent octahedral Cuprite crystal partly embedded in a small matrix of Primary Malachite. This has a silky lustre and forms broad, gently curved blades nested within each other in a Sidney Opera House roof-style structure!

Other festive offerings include limey apple-green Demantoid Garnets from an intertidal mangrove swamp in Madagascar; a stunning rich cherry-red, sharply terminated Rhodochrosite from Peru and an incredible Sperrylite, the rare platinum arsenide, in magnificent modified cubic crystals to almost 1 cm. Oh, Frank also says he threw in a non-festive Tsumeb Schneiderhöhnite to add that Dickensian touch of Bah humbug!, but despite this it is an absolute beauty.

So, as we bid you all a very fond farewell until 5th January, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas, no matter how you celebrate at this time of year and keep safe in anticipation of a return to more normal life in the, hopefully, near future. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy 2021!


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