New Small but Beautiful Update 12 January 2021

12 January 2021

This week’s theme, 'Small but Beautiful', has been chosen to showcase some of our miniature and thumbnail specimens. Very often the smaller specimens have more perfectly formed crystals or, as is the case with many mineral species, they simply do not form large crystals, so are better presented as elegant compact specimens rather than tiny crystals lost on an expanse of matrix.

Most of today’s selection are undeniably beautiful, but the odd sulphide and sulphosalt have clandestinely infiltrated the selection. But it is said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are indeed many passionate collectors who consider a species’ peculiar chemistry even more beautiful than their aesthetic appearance.

From the Aldan Shield in Eastern-Siberia we have a magnificent Citrine crystal of transparent gem quality, smoky-lemon Quartz, with a perfect hexagonal termination and glassy lustre.

A small miniature of Apophyllite from the famous Samson mine in St. Andreasberg in Lower Saxony has semi-transparent colourless to delicate rose-pink crystals up to 1.4 cm.

And from Stak Nala in the Haramosh Mountains of Pakistan, two small but beautiful Elbaite Tourmalines. One of these grades from colourless to electric lime-green, bottle-green, lime-green, deep leaf-green, delicate pink tinged-colourless and ending with a coral-pink termination. The other Elbaite prism grades from semi-translucent deep bottle-green base through banded bright lime-green into delicate pink, terminating with a sumptuous cornflower-blue cap. Simply gorgeous.

For our Descloizite connoisseurs, a small but fantastic crystallised specimen from Berg Aukas in Namibia. Excellent reddish-clove complex Descloizite crystals form stacked towers of interlocked spears and once back-lit, the crystals glow deep cherry-red and caramel-orange. Several lovely Fluorite specimens from around the world are well worth a look and from Krásno in the Czech Republic, part of a black Cassiterite sixling stellate repeated twin, with a stunning metallic lustre.

Miniature and thumbnail-sized specimens are immensely popular sizes in which to specialise as they require much less space, tend to cost less and often attain perfection of crystal form and habit. Do have a look through our first instalment of this week’s 'Small but Beautiful' strand, as there are many beauties waiting to enchant you!


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