New Small but Beautiful Update 15 January 2021

15 January 2021

Today we continue our Small but Beautiful theme, highlighting just some of our extensive range of miniature and thumbnail specimens. This range of small sizes have become incredibly popular with collectors due to their often-perfect crystal development, lower price ticket and small footprint, the latter allowing a comprehensive collection to be assembled even if space is at a premium.

Many of the much rarer mineral species are only found as small crystals or in very tiny quantities, therefore a larger specimen, even if desired, is unlikely to exist. Of the current 5,500 or so known species, probably three quarter of only occur as miniatures or smaller.

As always, we present 21 different minerals and amongst these are some of great aesthetic beauty, along with the odd one or two of extreme rarity. Let us begin with a charming Pyromorphite from the hydrothermal lead-zinc deposit at the Daoping mine in Guilin Prefecture, China. This cute thumbnail is built from stacked hexagonal barrels of siskin-green Pyromorphite, each crystal being double terminated, each with a flat pinacoid and opposite, a bifurcated crown of acicular crystals. Their barrels are all slightly curved, with finely striated prism faces and a satin lustre.

From Krásno, close to Horní Slavkov in the Czech Republic, this very pretty Fluorite, Fluorapatite and Chalcopyrite is a choice and tasty morsel. Deep blackberry cubic Fluorite crystals are intergrown with two lustrous lavender Fluorapatite crystals, with numerous sub-mm Fluorapatites dusted over the specimen together with bright brassy metallic Chalcopyrite crystals.

Then, to add a real wow, a fantastic Arsenopyrite with Quartz, Siderite and Muscovite which is different and stunning. This super-cute specimen is from the Yaogangxian mine in Hunan Province, China. Juxtaposed against each other, a double-terminated metallic silver Arsenopyrite crystal and perfectly terminated Quartz crystal form a superb pair, around which a small cluster of Muscovite Mica and pale tan Siderite crystals reside. If you’re looking for an aesthetic Arsenopyrite, you won’t go far wrong with this little beauty.

Other great specimens to keep a look-out for are Pyrargyrite, a silver-antimony sulphosalt; some gorgeous twinned Cassiterite crystals, two showing excellent stellate repeated twinning; the exceedingly rare silver-lead-antimony sulphosalt Diaphorite from the Czech Republic and a terrific, delicately coloured green and pink Tourmaline from the Nuristan region of Afghanistan.

In the world of minerals, for which we are all so passionate, Small is indeed Beautiful, because small crystals are more likely to be perfect. There is always space for a miniature in any collection, so celebrate Friday with a stroll through this week’s selection and perhaps something beautiful is waiting there for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

Tuesday 19th January and Friday 22nd January - The Clemente Collection


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