New Clemente Collection Update 19 January 2021

19 January 2021

This week the Crystal Classics team are proud to launch 'The Clemente Collection', a wide and varied old mineral collection recently purchased.

Dr Josef Clemente, who lived in Southern Germany, was born in 1899 and throughout his life built a collection of over one thousand minerals specimens which included many fine classics from German localities, plus Alpine minerals as well as worldwide specimens. Clemente died on April 27, 1987, in Gruttau, aged 88 and his collection has laid dormant until recently.

The first specimens available for purchase are presented here today, and this theme will continue over the next few weeks. This afternoon’s selection of 21 specimens includes some European classics, fine worldwide material and some extremely rare and exotic species.

Crystalised Rhodochrosite from Wolf Mine at Herdorf in Germany is probably the best for its species in Europe. This large miniature is a wonderful example, with bright raspberry and cherry-red crystals lining a 6 cm long vug across the top of a rusty coloured Goethite layered matrix.

For connoisseurs of the rare and unusual, we have a splendid miniature Phosphophyllite with Schoonerite from the remarkable Hagendorf South Pegmatite in Bavaria, Germany. The Phosphophyllite forms gemmy, well-developed crystals to about 5 mm, of a delicate sea-green and some are included with tiny acicular needles of greenish-brown and olive-green Schoonerite.

Moving across the Atlantic, we head to Houghton County on the Keweenaw Peninsula and find a 6.7 cm double terminated Calcite crystal with a surface pervaded with Native Copper as both hackly clusters and exquisite micro-crystals.

Another European classic is Phosgenite in Galena from the Italian island of Sardinia. Blocky tetragonal transparent crystals of up to 1 cm with a brilliant glassy lustre line a 2.5 x 1.5 cm vug in a Galena matrix from the Monteponi mine.

This selection also includes other rare species such as Pyrosmalite-(Fe) from the Haborshytte ore field in Sweden; Plagionite from Wolfsberg, Germany; Pucherite, a bismuth vanadate, from its type locality in the Wolfgang Maaßen Mine Field, Saxony and a fine example of the seldom seen Microcline variety Hyalophane.

From this small selection, you soon get a good feel for the quality, breadth and scope of the Josef Clemente Collection, with a whole host of fine specimens yet to be unveiled. Enjoy looking through today’s wide variety of species and localities and hopefully you will discover a new addition or more for your own collection.


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