New Clemente Collection Update 22 January 2021

22 January 2021

On Tuesday we launched 'The Clemente Collection', a wide and varied old mineral collection recently bought by Crystal Classics. Dr Josef Clemente (1899 – 1987) lived in Southern Germany and built a collection of over one thousand minerals specimens. This Friday’s selection is again all from his collection and features timeless, aesthetic classics and some extremely rare species.

Beginning in southern Arizona in the Washington Camp-Duquesne District of Santa Cruz County, take a look at a delightful and fine example of a Quartz Japan Law twin. A perfectly flattened Quartz twin displays a Faden-type plane of symmetry and two highly flattened terminations with a bright glassy lustre and frosted prism faces.

Crossing the Atlantic we arrive in North Macedonia. The ancient marble quarries on Sivec Mountain are believed to have begun in around 500 BCE and reached their zenith during the period of Roman occupation. From here we have a bubble gum-pink Ruby crystal with a texture of candy-sugar, the prism faces having a fine granular sucrosic appearance and touch. This beautiful, almost 6 cm specimen, is opaque with tinges of translucency around its prism edges and under LWUV fluoresces bright scarlet with rich salmon-orange terminations.

Our third featured specimen is a true European classic of wonderfully crystallised Manganite from its type locality at Ilfeld in Thuringia, Germany. Magnificently developed Manganite crystals to 1.8 cm tall and 0.8 cm diameter form an intergrown jumble, all sitting at different angles and orientations to one another; all a uniform and unaltering jet-black with a brilliant metallic lustre. It’s gorgeous!

Amongst today’s rarities is a Moschellandsbergite with Calomel from Landsberg (formerly Moschellandsberg) in Germany. Both species are amalgams, indicating they contain mercury, the former a silver-mercury amalgam and the latter a mercury chloride.

Also, from Germany we have an outstanding museum-grade miniature of the extremely rare nickel arsenide Maucherite, displaying its characteristic metallic reddish sliver-white colour as splendid stellate bursts of prismatic, platy crystals. And for the many fans of gold-containing minerals, how about the gold-silver telluride Krennerite or gold telluride, Sylvanite, both from Cripple Creek in Colorado. The latter displays long stems of crystallised Sylvanite of up to 4.7 cm, from which linear chains of smaller crystals branch from one side in a half-herringbone fashion.

As a final temptation, today’s choices include a lovely Bournonite with Quartz from the iconic Herodsfoot mine at Lanreath in Cornwall, England; a charming botryoidal moon-blue Smithsonite from Lavrion in Greece and a mouth-watering Olivenite from Tsumeb dusted in electric-blue micro-crystals of Azurite.

Dr Clemente dedicated a whole lifetime to building this collection and the fruits of his labour shine out from what we offer today. Again, the weekend is suddenly upon us, so it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and peruse this fascinating selection. Enjoy, and we do hope you find many an interesting specimen and possibly a new addition to your collection.

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

Tuesday 26th January and Friday 29th January - The Clemente Collection


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