Watch Crystal Classics on the 'What's HOT In Tucson 2021' LIVE Online Broadcast

27 January 2021

Crystal Classics are excited to announce that over the next week we will be playing a big part in the forthcoming ‘What’s HOT in Tucson 2021’ LIVE Show presented by Blue Cap Productions!

Starting this Thursday, Bryan Swoboda and the Blue Cap Productions team will be streaming a live broadcast via their Facebook and YouTube pages from 10am to 12pm (Tucson time), where they will be conducting interviews with dealers both in Tucson now and those that would normally be there.

The live shows will first of all take place from Thursday, January 28 through to Sunday, January 31, and then again from Thursday, February 4 through to Sunday, February 7.

For the opening show tomorrow, our very own Ian will be broadcasting live from Tucson to showcase some of the stunning minerals Crystal Classics have on offer at our premises in Mineral City.

And as well as that, we will also be going live from our headquarters in East Coker, England for 'What's NOT in Tucson'!

Diana and Phil will be on hand at our showroom in Somerset featuring some of the best minerals from ‘The Clemente Collection’ for Thursday’s show, and will then also be broadcasting a different theme for each day of the planned live streams by Blue Cap Productions.

Our schedule and show themes will be as follows (each show starts at 7pm UK time/12pm Tucson Time):

- Thursday, January 28: THE CLEMENTE COLLECTION

- Friday, January 29: AUSTRALIA

- Saturday, January 30: CORNWALL & DEVON

- Sunday, January 31: ARCHDUKE STEPHAN

- Thursday, February 4: GERMANY

- Friday, February 5: NORTHERN ENGLAND

- Saturday, February 6: GEM MINERALS


To watch these live broadcasts you can visit either of the following Blue Cap Productions pages at the relevant times:

-  Facebook

-  YouTube

This is going to be a great event and is the perfect opportunity to see some of the fine mineral specimens Crystal Classics has to offer.

If you have any questions about the event then please email us at 

We hope to see you there.

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