New Clemente Collection Update 29 January 2021

29 January 2021

Today we present the fourth instalment of the Dr Josef Clemente Collection, a fine collection of over 1000 mineral specimens.

Beginning with a selection of highly aesthetic specimens, let’s start at Tsumeb with a rarely seen Wulfenite on Dioptase. Although Wulfenite was common throughout the Tsumeb orebody, its occurrence with Dioptase in the Third Oxidation zone was a one off, and such specimens are now seldom encountered. The Wulfenite is an acidic chromate-yellow and forms as individual crystals or crystal clusters contrasting sharply against the emerald green Dioptase.

Staying with the green theme, take a look at the three Epidote specimens from Green Monster Mountain on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. One museum-quality specimen has superb lustrous glassy black crystals, with hints of leaf to bottle-green, and in strong light some faces become streaked, deep rhubarb-green.

Moving to much warmer climes, an exquisite bed of Native Sulphur crystals overgrowing a spiky bed of dog-tooth Aragonite from Agrigento Province in south-west Sicily. This is a stunning specimen, with glassy translucent bright lemon Native Sulphur crystals covering a good one third of the Aragonite-encrusted display face.

Then to Germany and the Pöhla-Tellerhäuser mine in Saxony; Baryte from this locality is a European classic. The Baryte could readily be described as golden, but is a rich, slightly burnt apricot barley sugar, quite stunning and delicious, with transparent and translucent crystals dominating the specimen, giving it a gemmy and luxurious appeal.

The selection also includes some exceedingly rare species and, more often than not, from their type localities. These include Aikinite with Native Gold and Galena from Russia; Eulytine, a rare bismuth silicate from Germany; Cubanite from Canada; Gratonite from the famous Rio Tinto mine in Spain and Emplectite, a copper-bismuth sulphosalt, also from Germany.

We are all missing visiting our favourite mineral shows, no matter where they are, and particularly the Tucson Show at the moment. The next best thing is to enjoy today’s selection from the Clemente Collection, admire what he was able to assemble in his lifetime, and perhaps add a specimen or two to your collection, so becoming the new custodian.

Enjoy and we hope you have a good and safe weekend.

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

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