New Clemente Collection Update 02 February 2021

2 February 2021

For the past two weeks we have showcased ‘The Clemente Collection’ and today bring you the fifth instalment featuring another fascinating selection of mainly European specimens, but with a smattering of world-wide thrown in.

Again, several unusual species feature as well as some beautiful examples of more common minerals, Millerite and Pyrolusite for example. Josef Clemente certainly had a good eye for the rare and aesthetic and this is a superb opportunity to integrate some of those special pieces into your own unique collection.

So, having mentioned Millerite, let’s begin with this quite gorgeous miniature from the Friedrich mine in Germany. Superb divergent sprays of bright golden acicular Millerite lie against drusy Calcite crystals, stained apple-green by nickel, forming a beautifully aesthetic backdrop.

And as for the Pyrolusite, we have two beauties, one from Gremmelsbach in the Black Forest of Germany, with magnificent crystals to 5 cm tall and a bright lustre, often tinged with a pale bronze patina. The second specimen is from Taylor mine in Michigan, where the Pyrolusite forms flattened acicular crystals to 1.7 cm long, grouped in a semi-circular flat radial fan. Both are superb.

If you have long-hankered for a well crystallised Manganite from Ilfeld in Germany, then this beautifully crystallised miniature is remarkably well priced and may well be just what you’ve been waiting for.

For the systematic collector or those just interested in the unusual, take a look at the Mellite from Hungary. This rare species has a complex organic-based chemistry; an aluminium salt of mellitic acid with carbon-oxygen chains. This wonderful specimen is really quite outstanding, showing one of the best displays of Mellite crystals I have ever seen.

Another relative rarity these days are the classic silver halides from the Broken Hill mining district in New South Wales. Excellent, pale yellow-green crystals of Iodargyrite sit adjacent to scattered crystals of deep lime green equant Bromian Chlorargyrite, making a superb combination.

Finishing with a large cabinet-size specimen, look at the spectacular cluster of fine Calcite crystals from the Mun. de Charcas municipality of Mexico. Seven major Calcite crystals constitute the structural elements with the largest crystal measuring 14.5 cm. All are opaque with translucent prism faces and a brilliant glassy lustre. A very showy specimen indeed.

Staying with the Clemente Collection, as part of Blue Cap Productions coverage of this year’s Tucson Show, last Thursday a live broadcast was made from the East Coker showrooms featuring a cabinet with over 50 Clemente specimens. This video and the featured specimens can now be viewed HERE.

Our 30 minute evening broadcasts will resume this Thursday and for the following three nights, when we will show and discuss specimens from Germany, Northern England minerals (Caldbeck Fells and West Cumbria), gem minerals and Northern England Fluorites.

We hope you enjoy today’s update and find it as fascinating as it is aesthetic.


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