New Clemente Collection Update 05 February 2021

5 February 2021

This is our sixth and final instalment of minerals from 'The Clemente Collection' although, no doubt, we will return to it again sometime later this year. Our last five updates have been well received by our customers and followers alike, so hopefully today’s selection will go down equally well. It contains some great surprises and specimens I can only describe as unusual and amazing. So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase and take a sneak preview of a few of my favourites.

Well crystalised Vivianite always pleases, but this mass of fine crystals from the Blackbird Mine Complex in Idaho is stunning. This specimen is from the Uncle Sam ore zone in the southern part of the Blackbird mine field, a zone rich in Cobalt. This affects the composition of the Vivianite, transforming the crystals to amazing shades of pink-violet, electric-inky azure-blue and cobalt-pink. The colours are mesmerising and instantly enchant.

If this were not enough, then how about a Calcite Phantom from the Santa Eulalia District in Mexico. A bed of intergrown Calcite rhombic and scalenohedral crystals form a patchwork quilt of intermixed crystal habits and colours. It is really quite extraordinary. The rhombic crystals are shades of orange, golden-yellow, pale lemon and burnt apricot, and from these epitaxially aligned peaks emerge scalenohedral Calcites of pale amethystine-purple grading to milky-light grey pointed terminations. It is fascinating and bewitching.

Some of today’s classic specimens include an outstanding Fluorite with Aragonite from the historic Lavrion Mining District in southern Greece. Semi-transparent, pale sky-blue cubic crystals to 3.5 cm exhibit subtle lilac and deep sky-blue colour zoning around their edges, while the Aragonite forms rounded, lustrous, pearlescent crystals strung-out across the surface.

From Froland in Norway, a foliated pegmatite, richly invested with delightful cranberry-red Ruby crystals. The largest crystal plate measures 6 cm wide and features the characteristic triangular growth patterns of Corundum.

Do also look out for a superb Manganite from Ilfeld and a fascinating Native Iron form Bühl, both in Germany. Also, a spectacular robin-egg blue Hemimorphite from the Sa Duchessa mine in Sardinia, Italy; a rarely seen Chalcocite with Calcite and Quartz from the Bristol Copper mine in Hartford County, Connecticut and several fabulous Fluorites from the Wölsendorf Fluorite Mining District in Bavaria.

Remember also later today and this weekend we continue our ‘What’s NOT in Tucson’ live broadcasts from the East Coker showrooms, in conjunction with Bryan Swoboda at Blue Cap Productions. Of our eight 30 minute shows, all commencing at 7pm UK time, we have just three remaining. Today, we present Northern England Minerals (including West Cumbria and the Caldbeck Fells), then Gem Minerals on Saturday and finally Northern England Fluorites (including Weardale, West Cumbria and Hilton mine). Visit the Blue Cap Productions YouTube page here at 7pm (UK time) to watch the shows.

With today’s Clemente selection and then our three shows, we really do have many superb treats in store and hope you will enjoy and, perhaps, find a new addition for your collection.

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's updates:

Tuesday 9th February and Friday 12th February - February New Finds


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