New February New Finds Update 09 February 2021

9 February 2021

This week we have selected an interesting mix of New Finds, be these fresh from the mine or new material from old collections.

New discoveries are always exciting and the selection of pink Elbaite Tourmalines from Brazil and Chrysocolla pseudomorphs from the D.R. of Congo are just two. Both these new finds have already been showcased in our past weekly updates, although today’s selection are of course specimens not yet seen. And equally exciting are specimens discovered in the old collection we buy, for it is by this process classic material is recycled and moved on to new homes; the new owners becoming today’s custodians until passing to the next generation of collectors.

So, beginning with new finds from old collections, from Cavnic mine in Romania, we have a sculptural, large cabinet specimen of elegant, bladed Calcite on Quartz and Pyrite. Mining around Cavnic dates to at least the early 1300’s and probably extends into ancient history. Vertical standing plates of light biscuit-tan Calcite are surrounded by acicular Quartz crystals, themselves dusted in micro-crystals of tan Calcite and bright metallic Pyrite.

From Freiberg in Saxony, take a look at a splendid crystalised Stephanite, a rare silver-antimony sulphosalt named for Archduke Stephan Franz Victor. Measuring just 1.5 cm wide, this superb small thumbnail is composed of intergrown silver-black Stephanite crystals with subtle hints of iridescent peacock-blue.

Chrysoprase, a gem variety of Chalcedony, coloured vivid green by the presence of nickel, is a classic from Szklary in Poland. Yet another famous locality is the ancient Km 3 quarry close to the main road between the port of Lavrion and the inland mining town of Agios Konstantinos (formerly Kamariza) in southern Greece. Bright nickel-lime-green micro-sprays of Annabergite crystals contrast beautifully against the creamy to pale lemon-tinged Calcite which occurs as small scalenohedral crystals.

We also have a great selection of Chrysocolla replacing Malachite after Azurite, coated with Quartz from the Tenke-Fungurume area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in Central Africa. The Chrysocolla is mainly a stunning vivid sky-blue and in most specimens a remnant core of deep leaf or emerald-green Malachite remains.

Then from the gem pegmatites in Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazil, an excellent suite of hot cerise and bubble gum-pink miniature Elbaite Tourmaline crystals, some dusted with small double-terminated milky Quartz crystals and some sprinkled with beautiful lavender books of Lepidolite mica.

This is a varied and fascinating selection of specimens; a selection we hope you enjoy perusing and perhaps spotting that essential missing item to add to your collection.


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