New February New Finds Update 12 February 2021

12 February 2021

This week is all about new finds, be these fresh from the mine or unearthed from an old collection. From one such collection are a couple of Tsumeb pieces, Dioptase on Calcite and Malachite after Azurite. Yes, most of us have seen lots of these before, but sometimes what we can take for granted come back to bite! Both of these specimens delighted me no end even thought I’ve been looking at Tsumeb material for over forty years! There are two lovely Russian specimens also and a gorgeous ‘melted’ Galena from Kosovo. These are but starters for a Friday feast, so do read on…

The Galena and Sphalerite is from the Trepča complex and is a delightful juxtaposition of Galena, Sphalerite, Calcite, Dolomite, Quartz and even Chalcopyrite for good measure. The Galena is amazing, forming finely-contoured hillocks to around 2.5 cm across with a bright metallic to satin lustre.

From Tsumeb, hundreds of small Dioptase crystals evenly dispersed amongst rhombic Calcites produce a mottled plate of speckled bright emerald green and pure white; it is gorgeous. And staying with Tsumeb, a Malachite pseudomorphing after Azurite forms hair-like acicular crystals, covering the specimen with silky sheets in shades of brilliant light emerald to dark bottle green. Deep blue Azurite and apple-green Duftite punctuate the specimen to ramp-up up the aesthetic even more.

I must also make mention of the Fluorite with Quartz from Dalnegorsk in Far-Eastern Russia. What a delight this is! Without doubt an understated piece, it is composed of pastel apple-green octahedral Fluorite crystals overgrown by a thin sucrosic coating of frosted, drusy Quartz. The resultant colours and textures are beautiful, with the Fluorite crystals varying between tangy-apple and creamy-peppermint.

Today’s selection also features a variety of beautiful hot cerise-pink Elbaite Tourmalines from the recent find in Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazil and magnificent Quartz-encrusted Chrysocolla pseudomorphs after Malachite replacing Azurite from the Kolwezi mining district of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a mine located just about as close to the centre of Africa as is possible.

There are lots of other fascinating specimens on show and available today, so we hope you enjoy our regular Friday expedition into the wonderful world of minerals we all love so much.

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