New The Americas Update 26 March 2021

26 March 2021

Today we continue our journey across the Americas and our selection of 21 specimens cover these two great continents from Argentina in the south up to the Great Bear Lake in Canada’s frozen north. Once again, we offer a diverse range of species which include many aesthetics along with some rare and hard-to-find specimens. So, without further ado, let’s take a whistle-stop tour.

Beginning in Canada, Echo Bay mine lies on the Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. Specimens are seldom seen from this well known mine, so the thumbnail of crystallised Acanthite is a little treasure. Acanthite forms equant lead grey crystals of cubic appearance with complex surface growth patterns and a metallic, steely-blue patina, with individual crystals attaining 9 mm.

Moving eastwards to Québec, Jeffrey mine by the former-named mining town of Asbestos, has produced many world-class species, amongst which is Vesuvianite. We have two fabulous specimens, one of lustrous rich purple-mauve crystals and the other a mixture of lime green and mauve purple. Because of the connotations with the material Asbestos, the town has recently changed its name to Val-des-Sources.

Heading south to the USA, take a look at the superb Native Copper from the famous copper mining district of Houghton County in Upper Michigan. Composed of many Native Copper crystals, the larger, more spherical crystals display combinations of the tetrahexahedral and dodecahedral form and have a beautiful aged patina, just perfect for such a Keweenaw classic.

Other USA beauties include two stunning Illinois Fluorites, one from Minerva mine at Cave-in-Rock, the other from Rosiclare in Hardin County. There is also a gorgeous Red Cloud Wulfenite, an amazing crystallised Franklin Zincite and a Tourmaline with Lepidolite from the Himalaya mine in California. This Tourmaline grades from pale sage-green to gemmy bubble-gum pink and when backlit glows stunning hot fuchsia pink!

Mexico offers many delights, including Cuprian Adamite and Wulfenite from the Ojuela mine, a Legrandite from Flor de Pena and a Stephanite crystal 2.1 cm across, yes, that is centimetres and not millimetres!

From Brazil there is a wonderful 12.8 cm tall Elbaite Tourmaline in rich hues of electric lime green bordered either side by a more bluish lime, with part of the prism reminiscent of red and green candied rhubarb. Other Brazilian classics include Titanite, Quartz and Brazilianite.

Our tour also takes us to Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. The fabulous cut and polished slice of Argentinian Rhodochrosite is sectioned from a stalactite encountered in the Capillitas mine. This large miniature displays a fabulous range of translucent candy, coral, flamingo and fuchsia pinks within what is essentially four Rhodochrosite stalactites coalescing to form one.

So, there we have it, a North and South American mineralogical feast; a feast fit for any eye and one from which we hope you will find a few tasty morsels! Have a great weekend and enjoy our lovely selection.

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's update:

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