The Janette Rosing Collection

21 May 2021

Janette Rosing - 1942 - 2021

FOR many years, especially during the 1980s and 90s, Janette Rosing was a familiar figure at mineral shows, especially those held at Swiss Cottage, London and from my recollection, Bakewell also.

Probably better known to mineral dealers than to collectors, she took her hobby seriously and would be seen in avid discussion considering just what to purchase and negotiating a suitable price! Her tall, elegant appearance, with pinched-in waist and characteristic Victorian style attire of muted reds and blacks, cut a dash amongst the usual casual wear adopted by most mineral collectors. Janette sadly passed away in early 2021 and her comprehensive worldwide collection has since been purchased by Crystal Classics.

Janette was best known for her highly esteemed photographic collection. She had originally collected old postcards and travelled the country in search of rare items at various sales and auctions. Having selected the cards she required, she then attended postcard shows as a dealer to sell on her unwanted material to raise funds for her next round of purchases. This interest led her to study many of the less well known photographers and from this entered the realm of collecting historic and important original photographs. Her subject matter was extensive, but one particular focus was that of landscapes, natural history and Cornwall. Although we do not know for sure, it was probably these interests and her frequent visits to Cornwall that acquainted her with minerals.

Looking through her mineral collection takes you on a world tour. The collection was stored in standard brown square flats and was arranged by colour. This is a somewhat unconventional storage method, but admittedly a quite striking one. Opening the lids revealed trays of specimens all of one colour, albeit graduated in a spectrum of different shades and hues. Flats containing only greens, blues, yellows, reds, pinks, etc., there is no doubting the visual impact was amazing. Clearly, Janette’s penchant for this arrangement was influenced by her photographic and artistic eye, from which she must have derived such pleasure from her minerals.

It is fascinating to see the variety of dealer labels accompanying the collection. Like many collectors, Janette did not write her own specimen labels, so each is accompanied by that of the dealer from whom she made the purchase. As you would expect for the period over which she visited mineral shows, all the dealers are ones we ourselves (of a certain age) have bought from and know or knew so well. These include David Baker, Nick Carruth, Crystal Classics (Ian Bruce), Rex Cook, Arnold Fisher, Nigel Hoppé, Isis Minerals (Don and Paddy Alderson), R.D. Mazda, Sable Minerals (Shirley Adrian and Graham Bell) and Richard Tayler.

Her mineralogical interests were wide and varied, with no particular emphasis on any species, locality or country. Perhaps the greatest concentration were from the Gwennap area of Cornwall, including many of the much loved arsenates from Wheals Gorland and Unity. This suite is well represented by numerous specimens of Chalcophyllite, Chenevixite, Clinoclase, Liroconite, Olivenite and Pharmacosiderite. Another favourite Cornish locality was Penberthy Croft near St. Hilary and close to Marazion. Species from here include Bayldonite, Carminate, Linarite, Mimetite and Segnitite.

Crystal Classics is proud to offer specimens from the Janette Rosing Collection which will be available during the Crystal Classics Summer Open Day in our East Coker showroom on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

To book your place at our Summer Open Day please email Debbie at or by phone 01935 862 673 to register your interest. PT.

Author: JH, PT
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