New Father's Day Picks Update 18 June 2021

18 June 2021

THIS Sunday, June 20, is Father’s Day, the day every Dad should be indulged a little!

Most men are notoriously difficult to buy for, ending up with either novelty socks, a new razor, a deodorant and aftershave set or yet another unwanted key ring. Fortunately, as mineral collectors we don’t fall into this category and there is a never-ending wish list from which to pick a truly fabulous present. No more last-minute buys of coffee mugs labelled “Super Dad” or yet another bottle opener, just pick from today’s wide ranging collection of 21 fine mineral specimens and all your problems are solved. And what about all those who are not Dads? Well, rules are made to be broken and you can make a pick also, but just remember to keep Mum!

In an attempt to satisfy something for everyone, we have today a diverse range of species and localities from all around the world.

From the Chamber pegmatites at Volodarsk-Volynskii in Ukraine take a look at the beautiful miniature gemmy Heliodor Beryl of delicate pale limey-apple green, like a glass of dilute lime cordial. The hexagonal prism is rounded, as is the domed pyramidal termination, while the prism faces display exquisite etched patterns of nested squares and rectangles.

Whilst on the subject of gem minerals, the Boulder Opal from Queensland is stunning. A large cabinet specimen of ironstone is coated and pervaded with the most stunning Opal in colours of intense sky, cobalt and indigo blue while smaller areas contain cream, cerise pink, emerald green and violet. This specimen is a thing of great beauty and will arrest the attention of all stop and look.

And staying with gems, how about a 1.5 carat octahedral Diamond from the Udachnaya-Vostochnaya Pipe in the Eastern-Siberian Region of Russia. This gem quality, slightly yellow natural octahedral Diamond crystal with minute development of cubic faces was transported to the Earth’s surface via two intersecting kimberlite pipes intruded into a Lower Ordovician limestone. Fathers beware! If you make this your pick, it just might end up with Mum!

Tsumeb in Namibia is always a firm favourite, so we have included a limey apple green Smithsonite and a beautiful rich small cabinet specimen of Dioptase. I have to say I love this Dioptase when displayed with its base facing upwards, showing the central chocolate-brown matrix framed by a uniform halo of bright emerald green Dioptase crystals, it looks quite stunning!

From Baia Sprie in Romania there is a spectacular group of silver-white metallic Stibnite crystals with overgrowths of glassy Baryte. The longest Stibnite crystal measures an amazing 16.3 cm, so this alone gives a good idea of just how superb this specimen is.

We have just one British mineral today, a Weardale Fluorite from the appropriately named Papa Pocket in the Diana Marie mine, so named because it was discovered by Diana’s father. This gemmy, leafy chrome green crystal is mounted on a small acrylic base and under LWUV fluoresces intense lilac with white edges.

Other beauties include a pink octahedral Fluorite from the Mont Blanc Massif in France; a spectacular Quartz Amethyst with Prehnite from the Goboboseb Mountains in Namibia; a fabulous intense sky-blue Aquamarine from Marambaia in Brazil; a stunning crystallised Pyrite from the Huanzala mine in Peru and a gorgeous Vanadinite on Baryte from the Mibladen Mining District at Midelt in Khénifra Province, Morocco.

Mention must be made of two Tourmalines, one from Mogok in Myanmar and one from Coronel Murta in Brazil. That from Mogok is an unusual cluster of gemmy pink lustrous Tourmaline crystals surrounding cores of black Tourmaline with the appearance of sticks raspberry jelly concentrically set around smaller sticks of black liquorish. The Tourmaline is associated with Feldspar, Muscovite and discreet colourless crystals of Phenakite. That from Coronel Murta is composed of three joined prisms, the longest being 8.7 cm. This crystal passes through cerise, colourless, champagne, pink and plum to finally terminate with a band of intense cerise pink.

The specimens not mentioned here should not be neglected as everyone is terrific in some way, including an amazing group of massive Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz); Fluorapatite from Panasqueira; a show stopping Wulfenite from Erupción mine in Mexico and a museum quality Manganite from Ilfeld in Germany.

So it looks like Fathers around the world may be in for some great picks or surprise treats. But if you are a Dad preparing to peruse and choose, waste no time for despite our theme, there are many equally keen non-dads out there ready to pounce! Have a great weekend and enjoy looking through this special selection. PT

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's update:

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