New August New Finds Update 06 August 2021

6 August 2021

TODAY we have another completely new selection of fine minerals never before presented on the web. The 21 specimens include recently mined material, new acquisitions from old collections and specimens from our East Coker showroom which to date have not featured on the internet. There are many excellent specimens from localities all around the world including some rare associations and habits. Gem minerals, ore minerals, rare minerals, there is something for everyone, so let’s get going to give you a flavour!

Let’s begin with ore minerals, although the thought of these passing through a crusher brings tears to the eyes! From Santa Maria del Oro in Mexico, an unusual habit of Cassiterite which many an experienced collector would not even recognise as Cassiterite. Forming botryoidal vertically elongated domes to 2.4 cm in diameter and up to a little over 3 cm tall with surfaces composed of 1 mm diameter silver-black Cassiterite framboids with a metallic lustre. Another complete stunner is an Azurite with Iodargyrite from the Broken Hill Proprietary mine in New South Wales. Approaching 4 cm tall, the single Azurite crystal is intensely dark azure blue and like so many high-quality Azurites, appears essentially black. Close inspection reveals translucent azure blue faces with flashes of electric blue. The granular textured matrix is pervaded with dozens of excellent clove brown translucent Iodargyrite crystals, a rare silver iodide.

Keeping with ore minerals, a magnificent Cuprite with Native Copper from the iconic Copper Queen mine at Bisbee, Arizona. A beautiful cabinet specimen rich in perfectly formed, complexly modified, Cuprite cuboctahedral crystals up to 0.8 cm with rich patches of micro-crystalline Native Copper. A regular firm favourite amongst collectors, just one glance at this tremendous Pyromorphite and you are instantly transported to Les Farges mine in France! Pyromorphite crystals up 1.5 cm long totally cover a Baryte and Goethite matrix. The Pyromorphite crystals are mustard-yellow tinted light olive-green with bright acidic yellow pinacoid terminations, many being double terminated.

So what about the gem minerals? Well, starting with Brazil, we have Morganite Beryl from the Urucum mine; a lovely and vividly coloured Rose Quartz with Eosphorite from the Ilha claim; a delightful intergrown cluster of semi-transparent green Tourmaline crystals from the Governador Valadares mining district and a magnificent inky blue Indicolite Elbaite Tourmaline from the Santa Rosa mine, almost 17 cm tall. I also must mention a fabulous gem Kunzite, the lilac variety of Spodumene, from the evocatively named Oceanview mine in San Diego County, California.

Also in the Tourmaline Group, but not really a gem, is an excellent small cabinet specimen of the rare species Fluor-Buergerite. From its type locality in the Mexquitic de Carmona Municipality of Mexico, perfectly developed Fluor-Buergerite crystals form sharp prisms up to 1 cm long of opaque chocolate-clove, all with a beautiful glassy bright lustre set against a salmon pink Feldspar matrix.

Our selection of Wulfenites, some with pale lemon Mimetite, from La Morita mine in Chihuahua, Mexico are a must to look through and you will be delighted with their range in colour and appearance. One of my favourites today is a Calcite with Kutnohorite and Groutite from Wessels mine at Hotazel, South Africa. Delicate rose pink Kutnohorite forms characteristic cauliflower habit crystals dusted with black Groutite micro-crystals. The underlying base of porous acicular creamy Calcite is spectacular itself.

We have not had the opportunity to discuss the stunning Annabel Lee and Elmwood mine Fluorites, nor the wonderful Spanish Freieslebenite or St. Andreasberg Pyrargyrite, so you will just have to look at these for yourself!

Looking through new mineral finds is always filled with excitement; it’s all about the thrill of the chase, never knowing just what may turn up next. We certainly hope you experience this today when looking through our New Finds. We are confident there are lots to like, with the odd item perhaps becoming a new addition to your own collection. Have a great weekend and enjoy! PT

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