New British Update 10 August 2021

10 August 2021

AFTER last week’s world tour of New Finds, we return to our home patch this week with an exciting selection of British minerals.

Crystal Classics have a dedicated following of collectors who specialise in British only, plus many others with excellent British sub-collections. We realise during the weeks no British specimens appear in our updates the former group pine, so fear not, we aim to fulfil these cravings by regular British updates! We have lots of super items to choose from both today and on Friday and feel sure there are many items which will beautifully dovetail into any collection. As always on a Tuesday we try to keep the values below $1000. Look through and you will certainly see lots which deliver great bang for your buck!

For example, the Goethite with Quartz from Restormel Royal Iron mine near St Austell in Cornwall is a beautiful aesthetic small cabinet specimen. A drusy layer of glassy Quartz crystals in shades of flesh-pink, colourless and black encrust undulating mid to dark chocolate-brown domes of Goethite. The Goethite’s botryoidal surface is velvety while the base and one side show the internal radial structure in lustrous colour-zoned concentric rings. It is quite gorgeous!

And moving north to Mowbray mine near Frizington in West Cumbria, a stunning Baryte measuring 9.4 cm tall with a development of white Dolomite crystals with spots of red-brown Hematite down one face. The Baryte is gemmy to translucent pastel yellow with white included areas and a bright glassy lustre. This is a lovely example of Baryte from these famous iron mines.

Cassiterite is always a collector’s favourite and we have four terrific examples from the mines of Cornwall. Killifreth mine at Chacewater close to Redruth; Wheal Pendarves at Killivose near Camborne; Wheal Bounty at Beacon, Camborne and Wheal Kitty at St Agnes on the north Cornish coast. All miniatures, these feature excellent rich groups of lustrous Cassiterite crystals and represent an aesthetic selection from the central mining district of Cornwall.

Once again, we are pleased to include some specimens from Wales, as these tend not to be so plentiful in old collections. Taff’s Well quarry near Cardiff has produced wonderful Calcite specimens over the years, although since around the turn of the millennium collecting visits to the quarry have virtually ceased. Translucent, creamy-white curved rhombohedral Calcite crystals of typically 8 mm form an impressive hedgehog-like cluster with a silky, part scalenohedral, 3.5 x 3.0 cm single Calcite crystal protruding from one side. Then from Logaulas mine at Ysbyty Ystwyth in Ceredigion, a small cabinet specimen of opaque creamy Cerussite crystals up to 1 cm long, sometimes forming repeated twins with part-stellate clusters interwoven between more linear or partly reticulated habits. And finally, an equant and stubby Anatase crystal displaying a curious sawtooth habit from Twll Maen Grisial at Prenteg, Gwynedd. This lovely miniature was once in Richard Barstow’s personal collection and comes with a much sought after white label.

Some of the rarer specimens include Dundasite (a lead aluminium carbonate) from Greystone quarry at Lezant in Cornwall; emerald green Chalcophyllite partially pseudomorphing to Chrysocolla from Wheal Gorland in Cornwall and a striking Chalcedony on Quartz. The latter is clearly an old Cornish specimen judging from the attached numeric label and is a superb small cabinet specimen of lemon tinted creamy Chalcedony coating a group of hexagonal Quartz crystals. Later generations of botryoidal pale lemon Chalcedony overgrow the first layer and these spherical druses tend to cluster towards the apex on the underlying Quartz crystals.

Let’s end our overview with two excellent West Cumbrian Calcites. The first is a beautiful prismatic Calcite with Limonite inclusions from Gillfoot Park mine at Egremont. Water-clear colourless Calcite forms a 6 cm tall hexagonal prism with alternating wide and narrow faces and a perfect trigonal termination. Pervading the interior are black dendritic and arborescent plumes of Limonite inclusions. Our second is a showy cabinet specimen of colourless Calcite from Egremont, with a hedgehog-like array of excellent nail head Calcite crystals covering a matrix of reddish-grey Hematite and rusty ochre Limonite.

One fascinating aspect of minerals is there are never two the same. No matter how many West Cumbrian Barytes or Calcites, or Cornish Cassiterites you have in your collection, there is always that essential requirement for “just one more”. The excitement of the chase is never ending and is just one reason we are all so passionate about our minerals! We are sure you will like this British selection and see that ‘crucial’ addition to your collection. PT


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Crystal Classics, and our sister company UK Mining Ventures, will be in attendance at the following shows for the remainder of 2021:

AUGUST 13-15
East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show 2021
Better Living Center, Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Drive, West Springfield, MA 01089, USA

Colorado Mineral and Fossil Fall Show 2021
Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center 15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239, USA

Hardrock Summit 2021 - Evolution
Colorado Convention Center, Four Seasons Ballroom 700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202, USA

The Bakewell Rock Exchange 2021
Lady Manners School, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1JA, UK

The Munich Show 2021
Exhibition Center Messe München, WEST Entrance, Munich, Germany

The Sussex Mineral & Fossil Show 2021
Haywards Heath College, Harlands Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1LT, UK

Crystal Classics Winter Open Day 2021
No.1, The Old Coach Yard, East Coker, Somerset BA22 9HY, UK



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