New September New Finds Update 07 September 2021

7 September 2021

EVERY specimen this week is new to our website, be this from a relatively recent discovery or a specimen residing in our showroom which has not been presented before. Such a New Finds update embraces any mineral species or worldwide locality; therefore, is an eclectic mix hopefully containing something of interest to most collectors.

Today’s 21 specimens include several from Tsumeb together with a rich variety from Europe and South America. So, let’s waste no time and dive in to see what is new!

We’ll begin in Tsumeb with five new specimens: Cerussite, Smithsonite, Cuprite with Cerussite and Mimetite, Willemite and Anglesite. The reticulated cluster of Cerussite crystals is an excellent large miniature whose crystals are preferentially coated with micro black crystals across its top while from the base and sides the glassy transparent Cerussite is readily visible. The largest Cerussite crystal measures approximately 2.8 cm long by 4 cm wide.

The Smithsonite displays a peripheral ribbon of large, slightly yellow-green tinged rhombic crystals contrasting against a bed of much smaller and almost colourless Smithsonite crystals. All Tsumeb collectors will no doubt have a considerable number of Smithsonite specimens, but I imagine this simple but aesthetic example will make a good addition. Turning to the Tsumeb Cuprite, its entire display face sparkles with deep maroon-red Cuprite crystals which line a vuggy gossan matrix. The crystals have brilliantly reflective mirror-like surfaces making for a most eye-catching cabinet specimen. Do look also at the lovely blue and green Willemite and a most unusual Anglesite which ranges from colourless sections of the main crystal to a prevailing reddish milk chocolate brown. This is accompanied with a Lawrence H. Conklin label of New York.

Travelling north and to Europe, the Lavrion mines on the Attica Peninsula of southern Greece always hold great appeal for me and the charming Aragonite we have is sublime. A small cabinet specimen, the massive white and black Aragonite matrix is encrusted with the most delicate sprays of acicular Aragonite crystals, commonly forming near perfect spheres up to 1.8 cm in diameter in shades of dark and light silver-grey, pure snow white, salmon pink-tinged white and with occasional white rod-like stalactites. It is an absolute beauty!

From Romania we have Calcite, Baryte and Stibnite. From Herja mine a gorgeous small matrix plate is encrusted with bright lustrous Calcite crystals to 2 or 3 mm on which three superb translucent milky white Calcite crystals protrude from the face with each forming a sinusoidal curve of parallel stacked Calcite plates to 2.5 cm. The Baryte is from Cavnic mine and displays countless delicate blades of transparent teal Baryte to 2 cm on edge forming an intermeshed lattice with a bright glassy lustre. And finally from Romania, Stibnite forms flattened metallic plates of typically 1 cm wide with chisel-shaped terminations composed from acicular Stibnite. Although the specimen is not labelled as such, I believe it to be an excellent pseudomorph after Baryte.

From Germany have a look at the Calcite on Dolomite from Johannes mine in Bavaria; a beautiful Dolomite with Chalcopyrite from Dreislar mine in North Rhine-Westphalia and a Fluorapatite from Greifenstein in Saxony. This has a rich coverage of pale candy pink hexagonal Fluorapatite crystals, almost all of which are embedded in a light grey Quartz matrix.

Without doubt today’s two rarest species are a Fluor-Buergerite from Mexquitic in Mexico and a Tapiolite from the Baixão da Laje mine in Brazil. Fluor-Buergerite is a rare member of the Tourmaline Group and this first-class cabinet specimen is from its type locality. Many tens of beautifully developed bronze-tinted dark chocolate brown Fluor-Buergerite are half embedded in a light pinkish-cream quartz-rhyolite matrix. The crystals are all double terminated; measure up to 1 cm long and have a brilliant glassy lustre. Tapiolite is an extremely rare iron-manganese niobium-tantalate which occurs as one of two specific species, Tapiolite-(Fe) and Tapiolite-(Mn); this specimen is most probably the former. It is a small miniature displaying several fine crystal faces and is a dense black metallic mass with many iridescent faces.

Admittedly almost all of today’s species are either creamy white, dark brown or black or deep blue or green, certainly not the most colourful of selections. So, let’s end on a bright note with a Rhodochrosite from Pasto Bueno in the Ancash Department of Peru. Perhaps more sugar candy than bubble gum pink, three intergrown rhombic crystals of translucent Rhodochrosite form a beautiful cluster with a preferential coating of 1 mm snow-white Calcite crystals. The colour is wonderful and cannot fail to make a superb impression in any miniature collection. A little minor Fluorite and Pyrite is also present. If you do buy this, then be sure to order napkins to mop your drooling chops once it is delivered!

New finds are always exciting as you never just know what will turn up. And, as we all fully appreciate, no matter how many you may have seen or own a certain species from a particular mine, there are never two the same. This certainly holds true for those from Tsumeb today. None are rare by any means, yet all adopt colours and habits which will make the most experienced of collectors sit up and take note!

We hope you enjoy sifting through today’s New Finds and in turn find that must-have something for your own collection. PT


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