New Tsumeb Update 08 October 2021

5 October 2021

THE weekend is nearly upon us, and to finish the week we bring you another 21 stunning specimens from the world famous Tsumeb mine in Namibia.

The diversity of mineral species from Tsumeb is truly remarkable and although we can only fit 21 specimens into today’s update, we have a great range on offer as always.

Let’s start with a Tsumeb classic - a completely arresting cabinet specimen of Azurite with Malachite. The core of the specimen is an iron-rich matrix which is partly revealed in the base once upturned. This is coated with thick acicular druses of bright emerald green Malachite whose terminations, when not overgrown by Azurite, have a silky lustre and velvet-like texture. Heavily coating the malachite are dozens of beautiful gemmy Azurite crystals up to 1.5 cm broad and typically of a tabular bladed habit and intergrown to form a near continuous coverage. It is simply gorgeous.

Staying with Malachite we also have a stunning sphere of rich dark leaf green Malachite offset from a matrix of crystallised white Calcite. The Malachite forms a single, slightly distorted botryoidal ball measuring up to 3.5 cm wide at one point, with a glistening crystalline surface of velvet-like texture. This contrasts wonderfully against the pure white Calcite crystals which are typically 1 to 1.5 cm wide with a highly flattened rhombic habit.

We always like to include a rare species in our Tsumeb updates and today’s offering is an exceptionally rare Biehlite specimen. Biehlite is a antimony-arsenic molybdate, first discovered at Tsumeb and then officially approved in 1999. This specimen is a superb example occurring as pure white felt-like mats of fine acicular crystals of up to 1 cm long and richly covering a matrix of opaque snow-white Anglesite crystals. Because Biehlite is such a delicate mineral, the specimen is housed in a rectangular Jousi-style box with a clear acrylic lid. A superb and important Tsumeb specimen.

Another rare species offering is an incredibly rare specimen of turquoise-sky-blue Willemite pseudomorphing after a group of vertically orientated Azurite crystals. Such a pseudomorph is hardly ever seen from Tsumeb and in this specimen, the Willemite crystals stand about 2.7 cm tall above a bed of blue and white Willemite which forms the base.

Other specimens of note include a very fine cabinet sized Dioptase, a splendid Mimetite with Quartz, a superb old-time Tsumeb Linarite with Brochantite and Cerussite and a rich small miniature specimen of Tsumcorite.

I must finish with today’s magnificent Calcite - an ex. matrix large cabinet specimen of stepped curved bladed crystals of Calcite with tinged terracotta red edges. Such large Calcite specimens from Tsumeb are relatively uncommon and make impressive display specimens. The entire specimen has a brilliant glassy lustre and together with its two distinct colours and impressive crystal structure makes an excellent Calcite for display.

The wonders of Tsumeb will never cease to amaze us, and we really hope today’s 21 representatives of this magical location provide plenty of enjoyment for you. Have a great weekend. JH

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