New USA Update 12 October 2021

6 October 2021

THIS week we take a trip back ‘over the pond’ to the United States of America - a country with a rich and diverse range of mineral species.

The USA is a country very close to our hearts here at Crystal Classics, and home to so many well-known mineral localities. Many of those can be found in today’s update, so let’s start on the East side at the world-famous Franklin mine in Sussex County, New Jersey where we have a rare specimen of gemmy yellow Sphalerite of the variety known as “Golden Sphalerite”. The translucent lemon-yellow crystal measures 1.4 cm across and is half embedded in white Dolomite matrix, the latter fluorescing dull white lemon in LWUV. Such specimens from Franklin are very seldom seen on the market and this would make a super addition to any Franklin-Sterling Hill collection.

Staying on the East Coast, we have a whopping single Herkimer Diamond crystal from Herkimer County, New York and a lovely Fluorapatite from the Pulsifer quarry in Androscoggin County, Maine, USA. The Herkimer Diamond measures an enormous 8.0 x 7.3 x 7.0 cm, and the single translucent Quartz crystal displays many faces with mirror-smooth surfaces and a glassy, highly reflective lustre.

Moving to more central regions, check out the beautiful cabinet sized Fluorite on Sphalerite specimen from the famous Elmwood mine at Carthage in Tennessee. Elmwood is one of the classic localities for Fluorite and these gorgeous transparent to translucent cubic crystals are so characteristic of this mine. The largest cube measures 1.7 x 1.6 x 1.5 cm and displays simple yet lovely zoning with deeper lilac edges and faces with much paler to almost colourless centres.

Moving one state west to Arkansas, we have a fantastic Quartz specimen from the world-famous occurrence at Hot Springs in Garland County as well as a very fine Smithsonite specimen from the Rush Creek mining area in Marion County. Bright banana yellow cadmium enriched Smithsonite crystals cover apricot-cream coloured Dolomite with the Smithsonite forming unusual, shallow rib-like crystals with a drusy, micro-botryoidal texture.

No USA update is complete without a visit to California, which today, is well represented by a lovely Fluorapatite with Quartz miniature from the Himalaya mine in San Diego County. Well-formed thickened tabular hexagonal crystals of pale creamy lilac Fluorapatite measuring to just over 1.3 cm are associated with a gemmy light smoky coloured terminated crystal of Quartz and a lemon-cream smoky Quartz crystal on a creamy white Albite matrix. Also from San Diego County, we have a splendid off-matrix Kunzite crystal from the Stewart mine. This large thumbnail-size crystal is entirely gemmy and is complete.

Arizona is a state known all over the world for its links to the mineral world and is home to so many great localities. Bisbee in Warren District is without doubt one of the great localities and today we have a pleasing Cuprite with Native Copper specimen. Also look out for an excellent, ex. matrix miniature Baryte from Magma mine in Pinal County, a botryoidal, powder blue Hemimorphite from the Banner District of Dripping Spring Mountains in Gila County and finally an excellent small cabinet Cerussite specimen from the Flux mine in the Patagonia Mountains of Santa Cruz County.

Let’s end today’s round-up with an American classic. Blue-green Amazonite Feldspar with Smoky Quartz requires no introduction from its most famous of all localities, Pikes Peak in Teller County, Colorado. This highly prized combination of nicely coloured Amazonite, the blue-green variety of Microcline, with a terminated Smoky Quartz is most affordable at $500. It is a beautiful miniature of perfect Amazonite crystals attached to a single, slightly leaning Smoky Quartz to over 5 cm high. It is a real little beauty.

Enjoy perusing over today’s 21 specimens and we hope you find that ‘American classic’ you may have been seeking for your collection. JH


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