New USA Update 15 October 2021

6 October 2021

FOR our second update of the week we continue our tour around the many great localities of the United States of America.

The USA is made up of 50 states which are of course represented by the stars on the American flag. We’ve managed to include 14 of those 50 great states in today’s update, so let’s take a look at some of the standout offerings.

Starting with the state that was 49th to join the Union, Alaska, we have a spectacular thick blocky tabular crystal of very dark green Epidote from the famed Green Monster Mountain on Prince of Wales Island. This off-matrix specimen truly is a monster crystal, with well-developed prism faces and a near perfect termination.

The state of California is again well showcased where we have three fantastic Tourmaline specimens, two from the famous Himalaya Mine and one from the Pala Mining District. Also, from California State Gem Mine we have an excellent Neptunite and Joaquinite-(Ce) specimen. Lustrous black prismatic crystals of Neptunite measuring to 1.8 cm long pleasingly contrast against the white Natrolite matrix. Rare scattered micro-crystals of brown Joaquinite-(Ce) are also seen emerging from the Natrolite.

The Franklin mine in New Jersey needs no introduction and from it we have a fabulous Spinel crystal that will make a great addition to any collection centred on this most famous of localities. The Spinel forms a perfect octahedral crystal, its lower four faces remaining embedded in the white Calcite matrix. The upper pyramid edges measure 1.8 cm long and are all razor-sharp. Also from Franklin we have a rare and superb crystal of yellow Sphalerite and a well-formed octahedral crystal of black Franklinite measuring to 1.3 cm with many smaller crystals embedded in a white Calcite matrix.

Today’s rare species offering, from the Ross Hannibal mine in South Dakota, is a very rare and exceptionally large specimen (for the location) with well-developed platy-tabular crystals of chartreuse green Sincosite with a bright lustre richly scattered over a greenish-grey country rock. Associated with the Sincosite are white acicular crystals of Minyulite which form as domed sprays over an area of 6.4 x 3 cm matrix.

Other notable mention include an excellent Native Sulphur and Celestine from Maybee Quarry, Michigan, a fabulous small cabinet specimen of snow-white hexagonal Fluorapatite crystals overgrowing iron stained rusty Cleavelandite Feldspar and tiny glassy Quartz crystals from Greenwood, Oxford County, Maine and a fantastic large miniature/small cabinet specimen of almost solid crystalline Paralaurionite and Diaboleite with a smattering of Leadhillite crystals, from Collins vein in the Mammoth-Saint Anthony mine at Tiger, Arizona.

Let’s finish today’s round-up with a fine old-time and rich specimen of bi-coloured Pyromorphite from the Sherman mine at Burke in Idaho, USA. Attractive and abundant crystals of lustrous light green Pyromorphite with yellowish lime green terminations cover a ferruginous, rusty coloured gossan matrix. Specimens of this richness are seldom seen from the mine making this an extremely fine example.

We hope you enjoy all of today’s offerings which certainly showcase what an amazing country the USA is for minerals. JH

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's update:

Tuesday 19th October - Associated Minerals

Friday 22nd October - Germany


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