New Associated Minerals Update 19 October 2021

6 October 2021

FOR our first update of the week we’ve gone for something a bit different, showcasing 21 specimens that are classed as ‘associated minerals’ or put simply, specimens with more than one mineral species present.

Specimens with multiple species really offer that something extra and the contrasting features really can be special.

Today’s theme is perfectly illustrated by the rare and unusual Chalcopyrite and Fluorapatite on Quartz specimen from the Panasqueira Mine in Castelo Branco, Portugal. An elongated section of translucent flattened Quartz has perched on it a well-formed, semi-translucent dark lime-fawn hexagonal Apatite crystal measuring 2.8 x 1.5 cm as well as an individual lustrous brassy golden tetragonal Chalcopyrite crystal measuring 2.5 x 2.0 cm! A most unusual habit and combination, yet so perfectly positioned and proportioned, simply choice!

The award for most species present goes to the Chrysocolla pseudomorph after Malachite pseudomorph after Azurite with Quartz from the Tenke-Fungurume area in DR Congo. A completely naturally flat plate of dark green Malachite is overgrown with pastel sky-blue Chrysocolla replacing the crystallised surface, so forming a carpet-like pseudomorph of Chrysocolla after Malachite. Some areas of the blue surface are overgrown by botryoidal mounds of dark emerald green Malachite dusted in a fine sucrosic layer of micro-Quartz crystals.

From the famous North Mine at Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia, we have a real eye-catcher of botryoidal candy-pink Rhodochrosite interspersed with pale purple Amethyst crystals over a botryoidal matrix of Calcite, probably a form of Manganoan Calcite. And staying in the Broken Hill area we also have a magnificent Inesite and Apophyllite specimen from New Broken Hill Consolidated mine and a charming miniature of well crystallised Azurite scattered amongst slightly turquoise, peppermint-green Malachite from the Block 14 opencut at Broken Hill Proprietary mine.

One very aesthetic specimen from today’s update is a beautiful Sphalerite with Quartz from the Huanzala mine in the Huanuco Department of Peru. Highly lustrous Sphalerite crystals form a single pseudo-octahedral crystal aesthetically perched amongst excellent milky-white long prismatic Quartz crystals which radiate out from the massive Quartz matrix. The jet-black to golden-brown Sphalerite crystal measures 1.8 cm with tiny brassy-yellow Chalcopyrite crystals dotted over some of its faces.

Other standout specimens include a classic combination of gemmy light green twined Fluorite crystals measuring to 2 cm with creamy white Calcite crystals and lead grey crystals of Galena from the Heights Mine in England, a world-class miniature of Catapleiite with Richterite from the famous Poudrette Quarry at Mont Saint-Hilaire in Québec, Canada and a very different and striking Smoky Quartz crystal with Cassiterite on Zinnwaldite from the Cínovec-Zinnwald ore field which extends into both Germany and the Czech Republic.

One final specimen of note is the magnificent stepped octahedral crystal of Hausmannite perched on gemmy colourless to white Calcite crystals from the Wessels mine at Hotazel in the Kalahari Manganese Field of Northern Cape Province in South Africa. Associated with the Calcite are micro-crystallised patches of salmon pink Andradite and a single crystal of pastel yellow Ettringite measuring 8 mm. It is an excellent specimen, both aesthetically and in terms of crystallography and mineral associations.

Many more wonderful specimens are awaiting your attention, so enjoy casting your eye over some truly unique and fascinating associated minerals. JH


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