New Germany Update 22 October 2021

6 October 2021

AFTER the trials and tribulations of the past few years, today marks the most welcome return of the Munich Show in Germany!

The Coronavirus pandemic ensured last year's show wasn’t possible, so to see Europe’s biggest mineral show make its long-awaited return this weekend is just a joy to behold.

Crystal Classics will present as usual with a fine selection of European Classic minerals and worldwide specimens at our downsized booth (A.26) located in Hall A6. We have been able to acquire new collections through these difficult times and are excited to showcase them at the Munich Show!

In dedication to our friends in Germany we have today also put together an update of 21 German specimens, which features some real crackers!

Let’s start with two fantastic Fluorites! The first, from the mines around the German village of Rottleberode, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, is a single, ex. matrix cubic crystal of aquamarine green Fluorite. The Fluorite is translucent in its entirety and semi-transparent in patches and readily allows light to enter thereby giving the entire cube an internal glow. The other, from Frohnau in the Annaberg District of Erzgebirge, Saxony, truly is a thing of beauty - a stunning golden yellow Fluorite forming intergrown partial cubic crystals over a matrix of massive blackberry purple Fluorite with some dull yellow Fluorite at one end. Just superb!

The native elements are today represented by two cracking specimens from Schneeberg in Saxony. First up is an aesthetic miniature of gnarled and curled wires of Native Silver with a little attached white Calcite. The Native Silver wires are thick with a fibrous, ropy texture and grade from a silver-gold patina to oxidised sooty black tips. Also, from Schneeberg we have an old specimen of Native Bismuth from the Katharina Flacher vein in Weißer Hirsch mine (shaft 3). This vein specimen, triangular in cross section, comprises of mainly solid silver lead-grey Native Bismuth in parallel to a rib of reddish-brown massive Quartz veinstone.

Pyrargyrite is very much a mineral species you’d associate with Germany. We have two specimens from St. Andreasberg on offer today including a magnificent specimen from the Catharina Neufang mine. Set against an off-white creamy matrix of Calcite and other metallic sulphosalts, the Pyrargyrite forms four clusters, two of which measure around 1 .0 to 1.2 cm in diameter. These are linked by a smaller group to form a chain of stacked crystals across the specimen; one smaller 0.8 x 0.8 cm group sits separate on the micro-crystallised Calcite.

There certainly is a fascinating mix of specimens on offer today and do check out a beautiful cabinet specimen of Fluorapatite from the Greifenstein Rocks near the town of Ehrenfriedersdorf in Saxony, a lovely Rhodochrosite miniature from the classic Wolf mine by the town of Herdorf in Rhineland-Palatinate and two superbly formed thumbnail specimens of crystallised Stephanite from the silver-rich mining area of Freiberg in Saxony.

I must finish today’s round-up with the truly sensational Baryte specimen from the Pöhla mines in Saxony. When you look at this large cabinet specimen it becomes obvious why the locality is so famous. This is simply a magnificent specimen, one of museum quality and a stand-out one at that! Gemmy, golden-lemon yellow Baryte crystals richly adorn the top surface of an extremely hard and strong matrix of vuggy orange-tan Quartz veinstone which displays a very porous upper surface beneath the Baryte. The Baryte crystals measure up to at least 2 cm and the majority are this size, with razor sharp edges and chisel-like terminations. The prism faces are mirror smooth with a glassy brilliant lustre. Simply fantastic!

If you’re able to make it to the Munich Show this weekend then we hope to see you soon, but if you can’t then sit back and enjoy our 21 glorious German specimens. Have a great weekend! JH

Here is what you have to look forward to in next week's update:

Tuesday 26th October & Friday 29th October - British


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The Sussex Mineral & Fossil Show 2021
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Crystal Classics Winter Open Day 2021
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