• Bournonite With Quartz
  • Bournonite With Quartz
  • Bournonite With Quartz
  • Bournonite With Quartz

Bournonite With Quartz

ID: CC4373

Beautiful and bright specimen of classic Bournonite crystals with Quartz from the consummate Cornish location of Herodsfoot Mine, Lanreath. Excellent inter grown crystals of Bournonite display the Cogwheel twinning form to advantage, with sparkling formations of Translucent white Quartz. Here and there are sparse crystal of brown Sphalerite and white crystals of Dolomite. A fine small cabinet specimen of Bournonite from the mine.

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4.2 × 4.1 × 2.9 cm
Herodsfoot Mine, Lanreath, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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