• Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite

Native Copper with Cuprite

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ID: CC11210
A superb crystalline branching Native Copper with a beautiful patina, liberally sprinkled and clustered with excellent maroon-red octahedral crystals of intensely dark red, almost black, Cuprite measuring to 1 cm.  The Cuprite crystals are sharp and lustrous, each built from smaller stacked octahedrons so forming multi triangular arrays across every face.  The Native Copper forms many habits of crystals and varies in colour from speckled reddish gold through copper to light brick red.  Interestingly, the specimen is from a volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit.  It is a thing of great beauty, a fine specimen from the stunning find from the Rubtsovskoe Cu-Zn-Pb Deposit in Russia a few years ago.


10.0 × 7.0 × 2.8 cm
Native Elements
Rubtsovskiy Mine, Altaiskiy Krai, West Siberia, Russia, Asia

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Cuprite, Native Copper

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