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ID: CC11226
Uncommon for the location, a well-formed fine open display specimen of prismatic Aragonite crystals, measuring to 3.8 cm tall and to over 2 cm wide, from Špania Dolina in Slovakia.  The hexagonal crystals have a good, yet subdued, glassy to waxy lustre with gemmy to clouded-white prisms.  Some of the flat pinacoidal terminations are dusted in a thin sucrosic layer of micro-crystalline Aragonite with a matt lustre.  Without doubt, a first-class showy group of excellently crystallised Aragonite from Špania Dolina.


6.7 × 5.3 × 4.0 cm
Spania Dolina Ore Belt, Banska Bystrica Region, Slovakia, Europe

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Minerals on specimen

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