• Chrome Dravite (Tourmaline)
  • Chrome Dravite (Tourmaline)

Chrome Dravite (Tourmaline)

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ID: CC11345
The Commander mine at Nadonjukin in the Simanjiro District of Tanzania is a tiny mining operation with little known about it save for its increasing fame as a world-class producer of Chrome Dravite Tourmaline.  This single, ex-matrix crystal is an exquisite example from the mine, measuring a very presentable 5.2 cm tall and mounted on a clear square block of acrylic.  As with almost all the Chrome Dravite from Nadonjukin, the interior of the crystal is a swirling mix of gemmy Tourmaline shot through with complex drapes, feathers, and planar features.  These create a multi-faceted array of reflective surfaces which bounce-back incident light in a play of metallic amber, lime, chartreuse and chrome-greens.  The prism grades from amber-olive through to intense electric-chrome over the top 1.5 cm, including its perfect termination.  Much of this top zone is clear and gemmy, free from internal flaws.  A stunning and beautiful Tanzanian Chrome Dravite Tourmaline.


5.2 × 1.4 × 1.2 cm
Gem Minerals, Tourmaline
Nadonjukin, Nr. Simanjiro, Tanzania

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Chrome, Dravite, Tourmaline

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