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Fluorite and Halides


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Of all the famous Fluorite localities within Weardale, County Durham, perhaps Boltsburn mine is the most iconic amongst collectors, a reputation built on the wonderfully coloured and colour-zoned Fluorite it has produced.  This splendid ex-matrix specimen is composed of two interpenetrant Fluorite crystals of greatly differing size, the larger measuring 5.6 x 4.2 x 4.5 cm, although its rear face is missing due to its area of attachment.  The smaller crystal is 2.9 cm on edge.  Both crystals grade from an outer transparent to inner translucent then opaque core and display distinct, differently coloured bands along their edges.  The colour is a mix of sherry, light grey and pale lilac, although peering into the crystal centre reveals a more characteristic Boltsburn lilac.  In direct sunlight the crystals naturally fluoresce dull lilac and purple and where the light catches certain internal cleavage planes, brilliant patches of iridescent blue, green, yellow and pink play within the crystal.  The crystal faces have a greasy lustre, and some are part-coated with chocolate-brown Siderite crystals confined to rectangular areas delineated by the architecture of the Fluorite’s surface development.  Under LWUV the Fluorite fluoresces bright purple-lilac.


6.2 × 7.4 × 6.5 cm
Fluorite and Halides
Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, Co Durham, England, Europe

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