• Native Silver with Dyscrasite
  • Native Silver with Dyscrasite
  • Native Silver with Dyscrasite
Native Elements

Native Silver with Dyscrasite

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ID: CC11837
A granular, milky quartz matrix is richly impregnated and coated with pinkish-silver Native Silver in hackly semi-arborescent growths together with the silver antimonide (Ag3Sb) mineral, Dyscrasite.  Many of the protruding crystalline fronds are blackened due to oxidation. A rich and interesting specimen from the classic mining region around Příbram in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.


8.6 × 5.7 × 4.3 cm
Native Elements, Rare Minerals
Pribram, Central Bohemia Region, Czech Republic, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Dyscrasite, Native Silver

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