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Quartz and Agate


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ID: CC11882
Although the only provenance we have for this Quartz crystal is that of Pakistan, my, what a crystal it is. Measuring 26.5 cm long, the majority of the crystal is of gem quality and when viewing a 30 cm ruler through its thickness I can read every one millimetre graduation with remarkable clarity. For the first 15 cm from its base the faces are relatively smooth, displaying horizontal growth development. For the rest of its length, another 11.5 cm, fascinating deeper surface textures dominate, possibly what is termed skeleton Quartz, forming elongated horizontal hoppers of hexagonal geometry. The termination is perfect, formed from curved tapering faces to a more gently rounded top. Despite the locality information being vague, this is a fabulous Quartz crystal from Pakistan and one no doubt can be given better provenance by an expert in the mineralogy of this country.


26.5 × 6.3 × 4.7 cm
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Minerals on specimen

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