• Andradite Garnet with Hematite var. Iron Rose and Hedenbergite
  • Andradite Garnet with Hematite var. Iron Rose and Hedenbergite

Andradite Garnet with Hematite var. Iron Rose and Hedenbergite

ID: CC12045
This quite splendid miniature Andradite Garnet with Hematite packs a massive punch for its size, cramming lots of aesthetic and mineralogical interest into a bite-size specimen!  It is from the famous skarn deposit in the south-west of the little island of Serifos, amid the Aegean Sea.  Covering an interesting and vertically aligned fibrous matrix of silky, sage-green Hedenbergite, beautifully crystallised Andradite Garnets form lozenge-shaped crystals with opaque cinnamon face centres and translucent clove-brown edges.  Scattered across the Andradite are around 30 delightful and undamaged clusters of Hematite platelets forming Hematite Roses, each of 4 to 5 mm diameter.  Delightful.

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3.9 × 5.5 × 2.0 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides, Silicates
Mega Horio, Serifos Island, Kykl√°des, Aegean Islands, Greece

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Hedenbergite, var. Iron Rose , Andradite, Garnet, Hematite

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