• Meteorite Chondrite
  • Meteorite Chondrite

Meteorite Chondrite

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ID: CC12484
This interesting block of Chondrite Meteorite is from the historic region of Transylvania in Romania and weighs 42.1 g. Several similar meteorites have been discovered throughout Transylvania, so it is not possible to specifically identify this specimen in terms of its fall date (if recorded), exact locality (or strewn-field) or classification. Two of the most famous Transylvanian finds were the Mocs meteorite, an L5-6 chondrite (fell 1882) and the Tauti meteorite, an L6 chondrite (fell 1937). Detailed petrographic analysis would provide a specific name for this specimen, together with its associated data. One side of the Chondrite has been sawn to display its tightly-bound granular texture and the remaining outer surfaces have a dark-chocolate to black fusion crust, due to partial melting during decent through the Earth’s atmosphere. Chondrites date to around 4.55 billion years and represent the primitive silicate mineralogy of the early solar-system. A striking Chondrite Meteorite specimen; Chondrites are recognised as the main building blocks of the planets.


1.8 × 3.5 × 3.0 cm
Rare Minerals
Transylvania, Romania.

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Chondrite Meteorite

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