• Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)
  • Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)
  • Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)
  • Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)

Iron Meteorite (Gibeon, polished)

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ID: CC12491
A magnificent partly sawn and polished block from the Gibeon meteorite, weighing in at 2.96 kg; making this a hefty and very showy specimen.  Meteorites are named for where they land and the initial famous find was made at Gibeon in the Mariental District of the Hardap Region, Namibia.  Gibeon, an iron meteorite, is classified as a fine octahedrite of Group IV A.  A large meteorite such as this often fragments on decent through the Earth’s atmosphere and the many fragments impact as a elliptical strewn field.  In the case of Gibeon this measures 275 x 100 km, centred on Brukkaros and the total recovered weight is now around 25 tons.  Most meteorites are composed of rock (stony meteorites) whereas iron meteorites form only about 6% found on Earth and are derived from the gravity differentiated iron cores of early solar system planetesimals.  This specimen displays the outer burnt and weathered outer surface and two polished internal faces of solid iron.  No Widmanstätten patterns are present, somewhat unusual for Gibeon.  A magnificent addition to any collection.  Please Note:  an additional postal charge is likely due to the heavy weight of this specimen.


9.7 × 9.6 × 7.3 cm
Native Elements, Rare Minerals
Gibeon, Mariental District, Hardap Region, Namibia

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Iron Meteorite

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