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Sulphates, Nitrates and Borates


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ID: CC12634
Despite being the largest county in England, collectors tend to have relatively few specimens from Yorkshire, but this county has produced many fine specimens. One of its most famous mines is Wet Grooves at Askrigg in Wensleydale and this wonderful plate of buttermilk-cream Baryte crystals is a first-class example for the locality. This large cabinet specimen is one solid bed of spear-shaped, superbly crystallised Baryte with translucent cream crystals, each capped with a colourless, near-gemmy tip. The crystals average 1.5 to 3 cm wide at their bases and 2 to 3 cm tall, although many exceed this with the tallest attaining 5 cm. I can see no damage to any crystal and the overall lustre is bright and glassy and with an almost silk-like lustre. This is a magnificent Wet Grooves Baryte and one which will display superbly.


13.0 × 13.7 × 6.0 cm
Latest Additions, Sulphates, Nitrates and Borates
Wet Grooves Mine, Askrigg, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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