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ID: CC12798
Glassy, vivid mauve Fluorite crystals, primarily as interpenetrant twins, are strewn over a high domed mound of Quartz-encrusted massive green and white Fluorite. One glance tells you this is from the Frazer's Hush mine, close to Rookhope in Weardale, County Durham. Specimens from this unnamed pocket were characteristically gemmy with a brilliant glassy lustre and superb daylight fluorescence. Unlike the Fluorite we know so well from the mines around the eastern end of Weardale, which changes colour completely when fluorescing, the western mines produced Fluorite which remains the same as its non-fluorescent colour, but ramped-up in colour intensity. The cubic crystals on this specimen attain over 1.5 cm and some show double twinning which is most unusual. Light biscuit tan altered Fluorite at the face centres is present on all the smaller crystals but not the large twins, a feature typical of material from this famous pocket. This excellent specimen will look splendid when displayed and is a fine representative piece from Frazer’s Hush.


11.8 × 14.1 × 7.5 cm
Fluorite and Halides
Frazer's Hush Mine, Rookhope, Weardale, North Pennines, Co. Durham, England

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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