• Native Copper with Cuprite
  • Native Copper with Cuprite

Native Copper with Cuprite

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ID: CC13092
A rich, crudely crystallised vuggy and porous mass of Native Copper is richly pervaded with octahedral Cuprite crystals, many showing complex modifications.  This old-time small cabinet specimen is from one of Cornwall’s most famous mines, Wheal Unity in the parish of Gwennap, a little to the east of Redruth.  This specimen comes with a former collector’s label and an Arnold Fisher Minerals stock label.  A thin plate of fragmented Quartz veinstone remains attached to the base.  The Native Copper has a uniform matt reddish chocolate brown patina whereas the Cuprite crystals are opaque maroon black.  Many of these will be translucent red if correctly backlit, but this is difficult to achieve.  A good example of Native Copper with Cuprite from Wheal Unity, a mine that worked the same wonderfully mineralised lode as Wheal Gorland.


7.6 × 6.1 × 3.5 cm
Native Elements, Oxides and Hydroxides
Wheal Unity, St Day, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Cuprite, Native Copper

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