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Native Copper

ID: CC13315
A beautiful and delicate off-matrix specimen of Native Copper crystals forming long wire-like sprigs and threads with complex three-fold symmetry in cross-section and to about 1 mm wide/deep and to over 2 cm long.  This Native Copper from Botallack near to St. Just in Cornwall, England, has a most attractive matt copper-bronze patina with brighter metallic zones and micro herring-bone structures along its acicular crystal faces.  Smaller, stubby Native Copper crystals branch out from many of the wires, creating a hackly, branching structure.  A choice Native Copper from Botallack.

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4.3 × 3.8 × 1.7 cm
Native Elements
Botallack Mine, Botallack, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Native Copper

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