• Quartz Var. Amethyst
  • Quartz Var. Amethyst
  • Quartz Var. Amethyst

Quartz Var. Amethyst

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ID: CC13981
The undulating upper surface of a milky Quartz matrix is totally encrusted with glassy, well terminated colourless Quartz crystals, each with a pale mauve Amethyst core. A beautiful specimen of this delicately-coloured form of Amethyst from the Wheal Jane mine at Baldhu, close to the city of Truro in Cornwall, England.


11.2 × 8.6 × 4.8 cm
Quartz and Agate, Silicates
Wheal Jane, Kea, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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