• Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite
  • Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite
Rare Minerals

Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite

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ID: CC14803
This remarkable large cabinet specimen of Andorite with Zinkenite and Pyrite is from Itos mine in the Oruro Department of Bolivia, a large tin-silver mine.  A heavy matrix of light grey cryptocrystalline Quartz has its top surface and some of the sides coated with a continuous coating of Pyrite micro-crystals.  The Pyrite forms cubes, modified cubes and elongated cubes all of around 1 mm and less, giving the specimen a bright golden glittering lustre.  Protruding out from this layer are numerous mid-grey, platy crystals of well-developed Andorite, averaging around 1 cm tall, while some crystals exceed this size.  Andorite is a rare silver-lead-antimony sulphosalt, a species now split into two species named Andorite IV and Andorite VI, with the original name Andorite used to cover both.  In two areas, rich sprays of Zinkenite coat the Pyrite, the larger area measuring 4.5 cm across.  Zinkenite is a lead-antimony sulphosalt and forms long, thin acicular crystals looking like bundles of fine needles.  This is a rich and very fine specimen of Andorite, Zinkenite and Pyrite from the Itos mine in Bolivia.


8.3 × 15.5 × 5.0 cm
Rare Minerals, Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides
Itos Mine, Oruro City, Cercado Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Pyrite, Zinkenite

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