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Native Elements

Native Gold

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ID: CC14932
An iron-stained Quartz veinstone matrix displays a rich patch of lustrous metallic Native Gold with other small flecks and grains occasionally scattered over the top surface.  From the Nueva Esperanza vein in the Capillitas mining district of Catamarca, Argentina, the Gold is a true clean-bright golden colour, characteristic of very pure Gold; that is, with little silver or copper content. A good example of vein Native Gold, occurring as plates and micro-filigree wires, from this complexly mineralised gold vein in Argentina.


9.0 × 5.6 × 5.6 cm
Native Elements
Nueva Esperanza vein, Capillitas Mine, Andalgalá Department, Catamarca, Argentina

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Native Gold

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