• Baryte on Calcite
  • Baryte on Calcite
  • Baryte on Calcite

Baryte on Calcite

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ID: CC15135
This nicely crystallised specimen of smoky blue Baryte nestling in a shallow, exposed vug of tiny Calcite crystals is from the cliff outcrop on the side of Peak Hill at Sidmouth, on the south Devon coast.  The Calcite nodules occur high in the near vertical cliff face at a level impossible to collect from, but because of the soft nature on the rock, falls frequently occur during stormy weather, allowing material to be recovered from the shoreline before being washed out to sea by the strong wave action.  The Baryte crystals measure to 3.5 cm and one crystal which is partly masked by others, may attain 4.5 cm in length.  All crystals appear to be double terminated, lying flat across the druse of colourless to milky Calcite crystals.  Under LWUV the Baryte fluoresces a strong greenish blue and white.  


7.4 × 8.8 × 5.9 cm
Calcite, Sulphates, Nitrates and Borates
Peak Hill Cliff, Sidmouth, Devon, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Baryte, Calcite

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