• Fluorite with Calcite
  • Fluorite with Calcite

Fluorite with Calcite

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ID: CC16718
Violet-purple cubic Fluorite crystals to 1.7 cm on edge are richly scattered within a matrix of thin jumbled Calcite plates completely coated in a sucrosic layer of orange-buff to creamy micro-crystals of Calcite. This large miniature is from the Lavrion mining district in the southern Attikí Prefecture of Greece. Both the colour and naturally etched Fluorite crystal faces are reminiscent of material from the Megala Pefka mines in the Legrena Valley, but this is just educated conjecture. The specimen sits well on a flat surface of the platy matrix, giving a windswept appearance with a leaning ridge of intergrown Fluorite crystals.


4.4 × 7.3 × 3.9 cm
Calcite, Fluorite and Halides, Latest Additions
Lavrion, Attikí Prefecture, Greece

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Calcite, Fluorite

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